urbanpI swear to god or whatever that this thing was *not* in the schoolyard this morning. There is one on Miller, where they’re doing major road construction. The other morning I was walking by *that* one just as a big construction worker emerged from it. He looked a little dumfounded to see meeee there and awkwardly wished me a good morning! Uh, good morning to you too, sir!?

Anyway, it can be a trick making it all the way home from the Oscar Tango on a Friday night without needing to, oh you know, somewhere along the way. There are a few wooded areas between downtown and home, so it’s easy in the dark of winter. On a beautiful sunlit evening like this one, people are *everywhere* including in the woods.

I made it tonight with no problem. I’m not sure how. I had two ‘hattans and some water with dinner at the Oscar Tango, then we walked around the mayor’s green fair for a half hour or so (where I totally failed to recognize the neighbors of PerryNet, fer kee-reist, aka “Bill, do you know that girl you’re talking to?” Sorry kids, you are out of context! Embarrassed? Yes!)

Anyway, we eventually struck it out back over to the west side and this porta-potty was in the schoolyard. I did not use it. I did not need to. I would’ve had to be pretty desperate to use it since The Landfill is less than a block away. Why do we have a porta-potty in the school yard? I will bet you dollars it’s because the school has gone high tech and you can’t get in the door any more without swiping a card — like I have to do at my work. That means that the summer soccer kids can’t use the bathroom. No more getting the janitor to prop open one of the doors with a chair. It’s probably illegal to not provide the kiddos with a bathroom. And it should be. (And really, they can’t all come over and use The Blue and Only Bathroom.) But what is this world coming to…

It is a work weekend here on The Planet Ann Arbor. I hope I get a lot done. If it is a work weekend for you, I hope the same for you. If it is *not* a work weekend, have fun! I mean that.

Goodnight, KW.

2 Responses to “UrbanP”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Yep, we have become one of the card swiping people. Ugh. I have the card, but no idea how to use it or how to disarm the alarm so I just STAY AWAY!! I have the weekend off and then 2 1/2 days of work next week,but also some appts. and other stuff. I would rather work than go to medical appts!

  2. Jay Says:

    For our apartment we have four, count that – 4, keys. Apartment door, mailbox, side door, and a fob for the front door and garage door. I hate the fob – it is too d*** big. I wish they had a card that we could swipe – for all of the doors. They’re programmable!