It doesn’t take much…

stickburningSome people want to jump out of airplanes or climb Mt. Everest or sail around the world in a one-person sailboat (with no shower, ahem). What is on my bucket list*? Burn those blasted sticks that certain people keep collecting hoarding in the Landfill back yard.

Every once in a while throughout our marriage, I have gotten fed up with the stick pile and single-handedly dismantled it myself. In the old days, that meant bundling all of those blasted sticks up and tying them with string so the reeeecycle folks could pick them up off the curb. That could be painful. Some of those sticks have PICKERS on them and I didn’t used to have decent glubs for that kind of thing… The last few years we have acquired no fewer than *two* (count ’em) big Reeeeecycle Ann Arbor compost bins. They may not be enough for all of the damn leaves we get every fall but they are more than adequate for disposing of whatever old dead sticks we can accumulate.

But then there is *this* summer. The first summer in a long time that I have had the luxury of even a teensy tinesy bit of time to think about something besides work and what/where we are doing/going the next weekend and whether or not it requires pulling the Infamous Courtois Trailer to haul stuff around (you guys, I am *kidding*, I *love* the trailer!).

This year, I started getting annoyed at the growing stick pile and then… I dunno what happened but I started thinking something like, “Hey, we could burn those!” Yeah. That would be fun. Alas, for weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks, we’ve been out of town or it’s been rainy or windy or both or we’ve been focused on other things and forgot.

Today, I dragged our [legal] backyard faarrrr pit out and the GG built a little faaarrrr and we sat out there and took turns feeding it for at least an hour. The whole time we were arguing (weakly, for us) about whether it was going to rain or not. We did it anyway. In the end it did start raining, very lightly. We could stay dry sitting under the apple tree. It was so much fun! Why, I do not know. And all the while my cute little Rooooomba was wheeling around the Dungeon, cleaning up after the water heater installation earlier this week. I can now walk down there without yucky crumbly stuff sticking to my feet.

We didn’t burn all of the sticks. There is a huge pile left for us to burn throughout the summer. Yippie-yi-oh-ki-ayyy!

* I don’t have a blasted bucket list.

2 Responses to “It doesn’t take much…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Patt didn’t have a bucket list either, even when he got cancer. There were things he would have liked to have done, some of which he accomplished and others not. He LOVED to burn up sticks/wood in fire pits. In fact, he got quite fond of our friend’s very similar looking fire pit!

  2. Tonya Says:

    There is something therapeutic about burning. Last weekend, I spent several hours feeding construction scraps/debris into a manageable fire and it really was a lot of fun. It was also a huge feeling of accomplishment to have that area cleaned out of all the construction crap!

    Bucket list? Retire! (And live happily ever after!) :o)