So, whaddya wanna talk about?

skyscraperIt’s the end of the day and I’m hanging out here in the Landfill Chitchen trying to think of something / anything to blather about. List of stuff on my refrigerator door maybe? My mind is almost completely blank.

When I got over to my fav-o-rite cube farm this morning, none other than Louie-Louiiii was waiting for me in the lunch room (which is by the entrance I enter from). He probably saw me fumble with the door — I swiped my moldy old badge and actually entered the wrong code. Fortunately, it worked the second time ’round. Every once in a while, the lunchroom door does *not* work — even if you enter the correct code — and we make insipid jokes like, “I wonder if I still have a job?”

Anyway, L-L was all hopped up about some confusing stuff in one of my specs and was chomping at the bit to call me on it. He worked yesterday. I did not, so I was kind of in a Monday fog, i.e., what do I do for a living again? He was right. It was confusing but it required a larger audience, including the LSCHP, and so between that prodject and the two other prodjects I am actively working on right now, my brain got a workout today. And I’m taaaarrrred.

I am typing this standing at my chitchen counter. I wish I had a standing desk at my work. I love my job. It is almost entirely brain work. If you saw what I work on, you might not think it’s very creative but believe me, it is almost endlessly so. You go in to a new prodject thinking, this will be a no-brainer, we’re just lather, rinse, repeating some old functionality yada yada. But almost never. There’s always something new and challenging to think through. I have plenty of freedom to sit around and think about how to do / explain things, write, code, make flowcharts and/or tables and/or whatever it takes to help my very specific audience understand what to do to build out and test things. If I want to occasionally sit in my cube with my feet up and my eyes closed, nobody cares… Except me, being terrified about nodding off and tipping over onto the floor. Ka-plonk…

But that’s just it. My job is a bit sedentary. That’s not the best thing for the likes of KW, who kind of likes to be up and bounding around (except when she is slugging around on the beach). It’s not that I don’t get a lot of exercise. At the least, there is my 0-skunk-30 walk, which is three miles. Add a lunch walk (1 to 1-1/2 miles) and some days an after work walk to the Plum Market and back (2/3 mile round trip). Still, I am at my best when I am not sitting around in a chair most of the day.

I’m not asking for advice for myself here, I’m just blathering. I *can* get up and walk around any time I want to and I do. Thinking back, this is probably the most sedentary job (not to mention the most highly paid (but not sure there’s a correlation there…)) that I’ve ever had. Cashier at “your Tempo store?” On my feet all day. EPA Ops? Lots of jumping around to deal with various issues from everyone under the sun. YAG? Yikes!!! Up and down the stage door stairs (usually running!) in the Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre (or wherever) umpteen billion times a play. Current job? Loverly but quiet and sedentary cube culture…

2 Responses to “So, whaddya wanna talk about?”

  1. Pooh Says:

    I know you’re not asking for advice. Here’s some for free, and probably worth the price. 😉
    Someone I know has a high shelf that she can put her laptop on. I’ve also heard of people who actually brought in a treadmill. They set it on a slow walking speed, and their laptop sits on the top of it. Or, there are pedals that can go under your desk, so you’re pedaling while sitting.

  2. Margaret Says:

    You sound like you get plenty of exercise and a good balance of sitting and walking. (I think I do too) I don’t ever sit when I teach, but spend planning period sitting or walking to the office, which isn’t miles away from my portable but feels like it some days. (rainy cold ones)