I’ve come to retuuuuuuuuurrrn… the broiler paaaaaan!

colorSorting through The Commander’s stuff… The latest load was kind of a mixed bag but it included a box or thereabouts of books. I have to be careful about getting rid of books because various people — including but not limited to the guy I live with — seem to quite easily get their undies all up in a bunch at the very idea of me actually getting rid of a book.

I have gotten rid of a *lot* of books in the last few years. Oh, don’t worry you guys — I’m talking about books that I-ee-I-ee-I own, okay? Like. I collected quilt books for quite a while. All of a sudden, I just got *sick* of them. I will probably quilt again someday (hey, I have *fabric*!) but I am on hiatus for now. If I reeeeeeally want one of those books again, I bet I can buy it somewhere. The internet is a wonderful thing, don’tcha know. For now, somebody else can enjoy those books, as I once did. Those books went to the Planet Ann Arbor AAUW’s annual book sale. The AAUW is an organization The Comm belonged to (in Siberia) and avidly supported.

Novels and things? I am a digital kind of gal. I know that there are lots of folks who don’t want to give up regular books. That’s okay! For me, if it’s a novel that I am gonna read *once*, I may as well just download it. I can read it on my phone, anywhere, any time and I don’t have to lug a book around. And if I actually *finish* the dern book, I can just download another one. I’m thinking here of the time that we were up at the moominbeach and The Comm finished a book at 8:00 PM one night and was crabbing (oh yes, she was crabbing [grin]) that she didn’t have another book to start in on. I didn’t have one for her but I did have an iPhone and just for grins I downloaded the Green Eggs and Ham app (yes, Dr. Seuss). I handed her my phone and that kept her occupied for maybe a half hour. And it apparently tuckered her out but that was good because I think she went to bed shortly after that.

The latest load of books was a mixed bag of fiber arts type books. I saved a few (native American designs and such) to take back to the moominbeach but most of them (in this load) were not all that interesting. “Old” *can* be interesting but it isn’t always.

There was this one book. “Color Me Beautiful”. Oh, we had fun with that book back in the day. A girlie kind of book that guided you through a process of deciding what colors look good on you. What color “season” are you? I’m winter. I think. I sure as heck wear a lot of black! When I first encountered the book in that bag of stuff, I perfunctorily threw it into the “donate” pile. I’m sure I threw out *my* copy many years ago. But then, a little while later, as I was putting the donate pile into a bag to actually donate, I eyeballed that book again. Guess what? It is now in a bag of stuff (including books, yes really) that will travel back to the moominbeach. Who knows? Maybe some of the beach urchins will get a kick out of “discovering their colors” some boring rainy moe-skee-toe-ey day.

I have to shout out to my blahg buddy Agate Gal, who also (coincidentally) blogged about this color system recently.

If you have ever done this color-me-beautiful thing, what color are you?

7 Responses to “I’ve come to retuuuuuuuuurrrn… the broiler paaaaaan!”

  1. Tonya Says:

    It really was all the rage back in the ’80s! I even attended a “class” where we were draped with various color fabrics and peered at pictures of people who were wearing the *WRONG* colors, and how they really did liven up with the *RIGHT* colors. I actually still have my palette of little squares of fabric in a plastic sleeve in my Spring colors. And I still pretty much follow it.

  2. kayak woman Says:

    Love it! I never did one of those classes but mom apparently got serious enough about it all to order a little kit with some colored squares and things. I saved those too.

  3. Jay Says:

    I believe I am a summer. I have my swatches somewhere.
    I think Pooh & Mom are autumns.

  4. isa Says:

    Ha ha, can’t wait! But I do kind of already have a color scheme. Black, white, gray, bright blue, and yellow, mostly. No idea what season that is.

  5. Margaret Says:

    I love it!! I’m a winter, so I doubt that you are with your fair hair. You would probably be a summer. 🙂 I did the same class as Tonya and it was fun, except that one of our friends was convinced she was a winter and turned out to be an autumn. She was mad!

  6. Pooh Says:

    I am an autumn. I always thought Bubs was a winter. Jackie was an autumn. I have the color swatches somewhere. There was even a store here where the four corners of the store each had their season. The center had the colors every one could wear, like teal. Speaking of draping, once Dan told me I could wear black. I replied that black makes me look like I’ve already died. I picked up a corner of the black tablecloth and put it up to my face. His GF of the moment gasped at how evident it was that black was NOT my color.
    Black bike shorts, and bike accessories and that’s it for black in my wardrobe. More for the rest of you.

  7. gene Says:

    I doubt that Pooh and I would be the same..Maybe winter – I once knew but don’t remember now.