Take Five Already

Just a few months ago, I think I wrote that my life had the consistency of old, dry, crumbly toast. I was living from coffee date to coffee date. It was late spring and a lot of the usual coffee-date suspects were busy or out of town or whatever. I had no classes, I had quit my job and my dad and brother were both dead. I couldn’t just go and hang out at the elementary school to find company because I haven’t had kids over there in eons and the staff would’ve prob’ly thought I was a terrorist and called the SWAT team. Anyway, life was way too sl-o-o-o-ow for my taste.

Today? Coffee with Marci at Barry’s. Home to cram some work in on the 40-page user testing report (due Monday) and do email. And get ready for my group’s client meeting at 1 PM over at WCC. Quick stop after that at Whole Foods, then the post office u-scan. Home for about a half hour to do email, then off to Expresso Royale for coffee with Jean. No time to walk this afternoon. And I never did get around to replacing the light bulb in the porch light. I’ll return my calls and emails in just a bit. But I’m taking five. And, yes, two coffee dates in a day is a bit more than I usually do and I am jittery. Yawk!!!

Thanks to The Commander for that $100 half-off (!) wool skirt. It came in *very* handy today at the client meeting. I mean, I doubt anybody else cared how I was dressed but *I* did! It was too cold for my weird, sparkly summer “wardrobe” and I need to batten down some of the sequins and beads on my sapphire flip-flops so those are temporarily out of commission.

P.S. Virtual fence around the whole U.S.? Boeing? Marquis?

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