I am in full tilt boogie washer woman mode here, so no pics please!

oldcabinmouseI started washing floors today. After a laundry / grokkery / hardware store trip to town, that is. It’s been too long. I am pretty sure the GG was the last person to thoroughly wash the downstairs floor here but neither of us seem to remember when that was. Hopefully it was spring 2012 but I don’t really remember much about spring 2012 so who knows. I know that we didn’t wash the floors when we were closing up last fall because it was too frickin’ cold and wet to be able to dry them. Same thing a month ago, Memorial Day weekend.

Today I got sick of my bare feet kind of crunching along on sand and dust and a few little pine needles and who knows what else. Dead moe-skee-toes, maybe? Probably. I vacuumed the big chunks off of the rug in the chitchen and then I shook the heck outta the rug and hung it over the pee rail on the back deck (oh, don’t getcher undies in a bunch, nobody pees *on* the dern rail). I swept and vacuumed and swept and vacuumed and I wasn’t really thinking about actually *washing* the floor today but then I sorta couldn’t stop but I didn’t have any “floor cleaner” on hand (whatever that really means) so I faaaarrred up the Ninja and headed up to the “park store” to get some spic and span and After Bite and quart-size ziplock bags and spray olive oil and I fergit what else. The Beautiful Gay would be proud of me for getting down on my hands and knees to clean the floor.

With luck I’ll get more floor washing done this week. If not, maybe later this summer (or maybe somebody else will catch the floor-washing bug). In any case, it feels just a wee bit cleaner in the moomincabin tonight but there’s more floor to be cleaned and all of it could probably stand to be cleaned a couple more times..

We had some beach time too. NpJane and Mouse were here today and they both have to leave tomorrow and of course I had to sit on the beach with them. And the RegenAxes, who arrived shortly after NpJane. Good times.

I don’t have a photooo of the beach today but I do have one of the faaarplace in the Old Cabin. Mouse’s hair is wet because she had just taken a shower. When I was a beach urchin, my hair would’ve been wet because we would’ve been standing in front of that faaaar warming up after a swim in the big lake they call gitchee gumee. No showers in those days.

I spent summers in this beautiful old log cabin until I was six, when we built our own small cabin. I won’t talk about all of my memories about the Old Cabin tonight. We were honored to be invited for a wonderful spaghetti dinner there tonight. Thank you to Mark & Pooh & NpJane and good night.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Sounds like a much cleaner floor! I need to get inspired to do some big projects around here!!