And so…

boattraficI saw these two freighters pass this afternoon. I mean I was sitting on the beach watching them. I didn’t use binoculars to check out their names. I didn’t really need binoculars. I used the Marine Traffic app on my iPhone to figure out what was what.

This app kind of ushers in a whole new world of boat watching on the upper St. Mary’s River. My earliest memories include walking the beach in the evening with my parents and grandparents aunts uncles and cuzzints, watching all kinds of freighters go up and down.

Back in the day, when the beach urchins were young, grandroobly kept track of the shipping traffic via a scanner. We would be hanging out down on the beach and he would come down and tell us what boat was coming down. Since it was probably still above Ile Parisienne, we probably couldn’t even see it yet but still.

It’s been a long day here today. Mouse and NpJane both plunged down into Troll-land. Man oh man, we miss them here. I know that Mouse made the journey safely because she posted a photo of herself and her tomato plants. They are almost as tall as their owner.

Good night. I am supposed to telecommute tomorow. We’ll see if I actually do that…

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