“I wish I could take a boat to school”

tahquamenonIt was an answer to a question on a back to school questionnaire in the first few days of 2nd grade. I don’t remember what the question was. The teacher was the fantastic Ms. Treutler. I won’t say which beach urchin it was. Y’all can guess.

I didn’t need a boat to get to work today but I sure couldda used one getting home. I drove the All the Way Down to the Bottom (say it in a British accent) route because getting to the I94 18-Wheel Clogway with all of the new roundabout construction at State / Ellworth could take an hour. Or two… Or not. Butchya nevah know…

I drove in and out of very heavy rain showers until I got to within a mile from home, when things got precipitously worse. I wish I had a picture but I cannot drive a stick and take a picture at the same time unless I am on a clear dry road with absolutely no traffic. I could not see a blooming thing! I had to keep my left hand firmly on the wheel and my right hovering near the gear shift, shifting between second and maybe fourth if I was lucky enough to get over 20 miles an hour.

At the bottom of the “bowl” between Jackson and Dexter, there seemed to be enough water (but I couldn’t really see) that I wasn’t sure whether or not I’d be floating. My life wasn’t exactly flashing before my eyes but lots of thoughts were: “What’ll I do if I start to float?” “Will anybody else hit me while I’m floating?” “Will it ruin my engine?” “How long will it take to fix that?” “Will I need to buy a new vee-hickle?” (Don’t really want to…)

It’s okay. I didn’t end up floating. I made it home and then I got totally soaked running the approximately 10 feet from the Ninja’s driver side to the front door. Hmmm, I couldda backed in… Then I’d be right next to the door… At that point, I just didn’t want to be floating. Home! Whew!

If you want to imagine the view out of my veeeendsheeeeeld this afternoon, imagine yourself behind the falls there at Tahquamenon.

One Response to ““I wish I could take a boat to school””

  1. Margaret Says:

    So, is the rest of the country getting this awful rain and we’re sitting here in 80s sunshine? That is quite a turnabout.