That kind of day…

sunsetterI met MMCB for coffee this morning. She has been in Taiwan for the last couple weeks so she talked about that and then I talked about my so-called life. Once again I had to wonder why a jet-setter like MMCB hangs around with meeeee except that she always seems to actually be *interested* in my so-called life. I sensed there was much that she loved about this last trip but she wasn’t crazy about the food the group was served. Her next trip is Camp Michigania and it is always her favorite trip. And maybe that’s why we get along, because one of her favorite places to go is a rustic (well not so much anymore) camp in northern Michigan. Also, she grew up in comfortable but not particularly opulent circumstances (like me), albeit in the Bronx, not the Yooperland. Anyway, MMCB doesn’t read this but I love her dearly, even though she hates aminals, especially bears and those deer who have the nerve to die in her driveway.

And then I got to work. The LSCHP boomed out, “GOOD MORNING LADIES!” right after I plunked myself into my seat. After about 15 minutes into my work day, Cube Nayber said something like, “Hmmm, we are both talking to ourselves!” Yes, we were. And FZ was swearing under his breath catty corner from my cube. We usually don’t swear at my work. We usually don’t have occasion to. A while back, I blurted out “Shit” at the beginning of a meeting. That was because I was in the hot seat that day and as soon as I hooked my laptop up to the projector, my screen blacked out. I thought it was crashing! It does that sometimes. It can take as long as 10 minutes to recover from a projector-induced crash. As it turned out, my laptop was only switching over to the projector. I apologized for the curse word and everybody laughed and they will talking forever about the time KW used a swear word. I think there are some things they don’t know about KW [wink].

I won’t try to explain this any further but I was digging around in a part of our high fidelity html / javascript prototype for my latest prodject and you don’t really wanna know but there was a lot of ancient bad html to clean up and, although I wouldn’t want to do that 24 / 7, there are days I enjoy that kind of work and today was one of them. I needed that…

2 Responses to “That kind of day…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Why do we read each other’s blogs? We find interesting stories in one another’s lives. Your day to day ramblings might be boring to you, but they aren’t to ME. I don’t even have a clue what bad html means. 😉 You already know, but I’ll tell you again. I HATE BEARS TOO!

  2. Mouse Says:

    Just don’t bring your Beach Urchins to work, or they might figure it out. 🙂