I wouldda taken a picture of the Tina Fey yard sign but the homeowner was coming out the door.

This is not really a political post. I have already stated which presidential candidate I am voting for this year. I didn’t have to do that. It’s a secret ballot. Or it is supposed to be. My last voting experience was less than perfect in that respect. Anyway, I am a long-time independent voter. Fiscal conservative. Social liberal, to a point. But I have already let the cat outta the bag on who gets my vote this year. Look it up if you don’t remember.

My personal opinion about Sarah has changed a bit since an initial bout of horrification that the GOP somehow thought she was an appropriate running mate for McCain. Say what? I still don’t think she’s the best choice. I don’t agree with a lot of her views and I don’t think she has the required experience. But she is a person and an accomplished one, it seems, and I bet she knows she’s in over her head. From what little attention I’ve paid (and it is *little*, don’t get me wrong, if you want informed political views, go somewhere else!), I think she’s being a pretty good sport. And heck, he could’ve picked Paris Hilton. Roight?

It’s just that I wish people would lay off the blasted $150K clothing thing. The highest “elected” office I have held in my life is PTO treasurer. I was “elected” to that position at four schools — for a while, I held that illustrious office in two schools at the same time. And, yes, it *is* an elected position. The difference between PTO treasurer and the US vice president is that about the only qualifications you need to be a PTO treasurer is that you can breathe. Really. People are peeking nervously out from behind bushes everywhere saying, “Don’t pick me! Don’t pick me!”

Fortunately, it didn’t much matter what I wore to PTO meetings. Half the time, there were only five or six people there anyway. If I got the tax reports filed on time and kept the checking account balanced, everybody was ecstatic. Well, except for the time when I schlepped up to an alternative middle school meeting in a ripped up tie-dyed t-shirt and wrinkled shorts and found that some helicopter parents were there to *video-tape* the meeting. It had *nothing* to do with the treasury and I sincerely hope that tape is languishing somewhere in a basement as trashed out and rodent trodden as mine is.

I hate to shop. If I am not scheduled to be at work or some sort of event, I am usually schlepping around town in 15-year-old rags. I do manage to do work with the help of a couple of overworked black skirts. If *I* were running for an office that required me to wear something other than the paltry number of outfits I own that vaguely resemble business casual, not to mention anything remotely resembling fancy, I would be totally up the crick without that old paddle. Rest assured, I will NEVER run for that kind of elected office. But I understand. Yes. $150K is a bit much. Nieman Marcus is a bit overboard. Okay, maybe more than a bit. But, when I *do* manage to scrape together both a bit of extra cash and the psychic fortitude to actually set foot inside the mall, I do not head to J. C. Penney. In my experience, those clothes are fine if you are gonna change up your wardrobe every six months. I’m looking for more like 15 years! I don’t mind spending a little. Who knows when I will manage to coax myself back over there for another shopping trip?

I am not Sarah. She’s a lot younger and prettier than me and she has greater aspirations than I do. And I bet she doesn’t schlep around in the kind of rags that I do. But just cut her a break on this one, please?

10 Responses to “I wouldda taken a picture of the Tina Fey yard sign but the homeowner was coming out the door.”

  1. Maquis Says:

    Please, no Palin pity parties. She did not have to play national politics. Palin is a professional politician. Properly or improperly attired, she is already positioning herself for a presumptive 2012 presidential pursuit. Anyway, you are WAY more beautiful then Sarah will ever be! IMHO

  2. Margaret Says:

    I too don’t get rid of much. I’m just thankful that my old stuff still fits me! I hate shopping and HATE trying things on; I get easily frustrated and shocked by prices, so I end up having to binge shop with my mom. (for my birthday and Christmas) I have no idea for whom you’re voting since I’m a new reader. However, it’s none of my business. My husband shares your independent beliefs. I think he voted for Bob Barr, but he isn’t talking. (and I’m not asking because it isn’t my business either, even though we’re married) He told me that he wouldn’t vote for anyone who voted for the bailout, so that leaves Bob.

  3. isa Says:

    i think the problem i run in to most with the rampant criticism of sarah’s wardrobe, is the fact that were she a man, this would not come up or be “news.” how much was spent on john mccain’s duds? not that the info isn’t out there somewhere, but i don’t see anyone questioning him. what about obama and biden? how much are they spending on costuming?

  4. Pooh Says:

    maybe she didn’t have any skirts and/or stiletto heels in AK, and the snowmobile suit was just too warm in the lower 48! I know – it’s a snarky comment, and I actually feel that Isa has hit the nail on the head, but what did she wear in Alaska when politicking?

  5. jane Says:

    isa — I think the reason there’s no talk about McCain, Obama and Biden is that they already had their ‘professoinal’ wear in the closet having been in Congress. although I don’t think it’s a fair comparison because men wear fairly bland suits over and over (they’re lucky!) and just focus on new ties.

    as for the ‘wives’ — Cindy McCain is richer than god and also already owned a campaign ready wardrobe (but who picked the Cruella DeVille outfit for the convention I wonder?) Michelle Obama wears reasonably prices dresses – $100 – 200 range. yes, that’s still a lot of money, but not $100k+.

    anyway, my complaint is the amount spent, and the places it was spent. that’s a whole lotta money for just a couple months. and totally in conflict with her Joe-sixpack message. they’re not exactly walking the talk on this one.

  6. isa Says:

    yes, but in that case we shouldn’t focus solely on sarah palin, but talk about it in terms of the mccain campaign spending as a whole, and how much everyone’s wardrobe is worth. they are not walking the walk and i agree they should have budgeted and spent much differently. but on the other hand, i would also argue that with american culture as focused on appearances as it is it’s hardly surprising that campaigns feel it’s necessary to spend so much on clothing.

    i think it’s also telling of what presidential elections are really about (beyond the issues they discuss at the podium), and who is really in power in the united states and the world. i question whether a person who wasn’t purchasing upscale outfits and expensive homes would be able to run in the first place. people have very strong visceral reactions to stereotypes and their perceptions of wealth and how it “represents” a person’s accomplishments and personality.

    and more power to the obama’s and the obama campaign for not buying in to that system so whole-heartedly!

  7. jane Says:

    rock on isa!! I agree with you that someone without the ‘means’ would likely never be elected – our system is no longer truly democratic because of that. on the other hand, who would ever want to be President? I feel sorry for the winner next week – they’re inhieriting a pile of poo.

  8. Pooh Says:

    Hey, careful how you spell that pile!

  9. Dog Mom Says:

    1) Yes, KW, you are FAR more attractive that Palin! You also have far more intellectual substance!

    2) The expenditures on Palin’s wardrobe (and the ruckus about it) are really just an extension of the sheer caricature that Palin has become. She is no longer “the female VP candidate”; she is now the person that Tina Fey portrays better than Palin ever could… and a lot of folks would prefer Tina over Sarah in the VP position… hell, Palin couldn’t even figure out she was being insulted to her face on SNL recently!

    3) You snagged a shot of the Tina Fey sign – POST IT! It’s particularly telling in its juxtaposition with Obama’s sign!!!

  10. mouse Says:

    well not to mention that men can wear the same three suits all week and no one will notice…double standard.