And on into the night woods

Are y’all taaarrred o’ my commentary yet? I know *I* am tired of my commentary!!! I’m gonna leave you with photos of our hike on The Engineer’s namesake trail yesterday morning. It was the GG and UKW and me. I haven’t captioned the photos. Y’all can figger it out on your own if you want to. The beaver dam and Lewie’s red pine plantation and some *ancient* (1800s? Dogmomster?) burned-looking pine stumps are all in there. I’ve posted photos of this trail before and I will again. Every time I hike anywhere, I see new things or I see old things from a different angle. Click here or on the pic. Good night, KW.

2 Responses to “And on into the night woods”

  1. Dog Mom Says:

    Whoa! Flashback or “visitation”?? When I got to your picture of the beaver dam, I coulda sworn I saw Jack standing there….just as in the July 4, 1976 photo of him [in the cabin] from when he & The Engineer went up to break up the dam!


  2. Sam Says:

    I wanna walk there with you (and cameras) some time! Gorgeous photos; evocative despite the unhelpful sky!