When we go to Detroit in the middle of the night

pinkdI finally got brave and emailed Building Mom this morning: Would you please send me my timeoff calendar? I had a vague idea of how many vacation hours I had already taken this year but I’ve been afraid to look. Alas, it is a wee bit more than I hoped. I still have quite a few hours left but I need to ration those. So I was kind of re-hashing my plans and thinking about whether it would *kill* me to try to telecommute from the moominbeach for a couple days. Since we are taking a rocket trip to the Group Home this weekend, I was also plotting and planning about how to get ahead on my packing, etc., just a wee bit so that tomorrow isn’t a total cluster-[you-know-what].

I got home and the GG texted me: Walk downtown for dinner? Another day I may have said yes. But. It’s hotter than Hades. It’s The Art Fair. I had just gotten home from work. I have laundry and organizing and packing to do. We have some leftover food to try to eat up. (Isa, I used three of your avocados last night! They were still in good shape and the rest may well survive until Saturday. If not, put ’em in the compost.) Alas, we are not walking downtown tonight. In the end, I needed to chill, if that is possible at 88 degrees and humidity at about a gazillion percent. I’m sorry to be such a blasted stick-in-the-mud. Can I just say that when you have four weeks worth of non-sick time off per year (which I know is actually not all that bad in corporate America), it ain’t easy living with a guy who has umpteen billion hours even when he’s not on sequester leave.

I did not photograph this beauteous vee-hickle in the loverly bombed-out city of Detroit. It happened to be vacationing in the parking lot at the Jackson Road Meijer a few weeks ago. I can’t really tell what kind of vee-hickle it is. I want it to be a vintage Caddy-lac but I am only randomly a Car Person, so I dunno. Car Folks? Caddy-lac? Buick? What? I think the bullet hole is fake, don’t you? Or maybe Jimmy Hoffa is in the trunk? [wink]

Y’all know what happened in The D / Daytwa / Dee-troit / Detroit today. I have no words. Well maybe two things. 1) I expected this. 2) I hope nobody tries to loot the DIA. Okay, a third thing: I am NO expert on Detroit. I visited my grandparents there a lot when I was a kid and I know (all too well) how to get to the damn Henry Ford Hoosegow and that is about it. Here’s a toast to the pioneers (if I can call them that) who are trying to repopulate that city. It may never regain the glory it enjoyed in the mid-20th century but I am cautiously optimistic that it could morph back into a place more folks might want to live. A wise nephew of mine thinks that the key to that will be the schools and he may be at least partially right…

3 Responses to “When we go to Detroit in the middle of the night”

  1. Mom Gene that is Says:

    I think it may be a Continental. At least it is in the Ford family.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I did not know what happened in Detroit and am off to look at what I’ve missed from being away from the news. Sorry it’s so hot there; it’s only in the 70s here. (and lovely) In my husband’s place I would have resented my teacher hours and summers off but he loved to work, so he never acted angry. 🙂

  3. jane Says:

    I’m thinking Lincoln Town Car.