High summer in the Great [not-so] White North


This photooo was taken at a high point of the day. Heyyyy we’re having fun here in our pontoon boat and a few people are even drinking a beer, etc. I also took my new kayak out and with the open form factor it is indeed easier to launch at Houghton Lake. It is also a *very* cool boat in which to take a small child for a ride. And that is what the GG did. And *then*, the 4-year-old (a great-nephew…) wanted to do his own paddling. So the GG set him up for that and that kid managed to figure out how to paddle the kayak, which only serves to prove how intuitive basic kayaking technique is. Disclaimer: paddling is the easy part…

All in all, it was a great day and although I spent a lot of time protecting my natural introverted tendencies, I completely enjoyed watching our niece and nephew’s children spent *hours* in the water. It reminded me of my own childhood, spending whole days in bathing suits, in and out of the water all day.

It is just chilly enough this evening that I have a polartech jacket on. Feels good after a week or so of swampy hot weather. I’m gonna go hang out in the Lyme Lounge.

Good night,

One Response to “High summer in the Great [not-so] White North”

  1. Margaret Says:

    So, what’s the hard part about kayaking? (if paddling is the easy part) Glad that you had a good time and some relief from the hot temps. 55 this morning with a sunny 80 degrees in the afternoon. We’re having a beautiful summer.