One o’ them thar cowboy bars diners

littlebootsLittle Boots is just about my fave Houghton Lake breakfast restaurant since our beloved old greasy spoon Ron’s Restaurant closed. We went to Ron’s just about every time we traveled to the Group Home since I’ve known the GG. It was one of the few restaurants in the Long Point vicinity and probably the only one that served breakfast.

One weekend a few years ago, the GG drove The Indefatigable up to HL. That vee-hickle was not too far from the end of its life at the time and if I have it right (and I may not), he took it on some kind of back country adventure and something reached out and poked a hole in the muffler. He got to the Group Home and The Indefatigable was running just fine but it was LOUD and he didn’t want to press his luck, so he decided to hike to the Northshore Barrooooom for dinner. Five miles there and five miles back. That was so successful that the next night, he decided to hike to the Spikehorn Barroooom for dinner. Five miles there and five miles back. After two very successful treks for food, he decided he was on a roll, so the next morning he walked over to Ron’s to get breakfast (same distance). CLOSED Oops. Shout out to the GG: you are welcome to comment and correct anything I may have mangled!

It turned out that despite some hints at a remodel or whatever, the closure was permanent. There are plenty of other fine restaurants in the Houghton Lake area but it took us a while to find just the right replacement for Ron’s. We have a few of them now. They are all good. I think I like Little Boots best because they make my fave Gunslinger Quesadilla, with scrambled eggs, hash browns, chopped up ham and veggies, etc., with salsa and sour cream on the side. It’s a bit too much for me to eat at one sitting so I always eat two pieces of it and ask for a box for the third, which I can just throw in the microwave the next morning!

Also, Little Boots may welcome some of Grandroobly’s old coffee mugs into their random collection if others don’t claim them. My old coot began collecting coffee mugs during road trips throughout the US and Cananananada during his retirement years. It was kind of fun (and funny) at first but I know that as my parents became octogenarians, his collection became a bit too much for The Commander to manage. Now that they are both gone, I don’t have room for all of them and we definitely don’t need a lot of clutter in the moomincabin. Oh, don’t worry, we will keep the bunny mug and Big Ass forever and a few others that are people’s faves. I have handed most of the rest over to the GB Fins so they can take what they want and if there are any left after that, maybe I’ll get to visit them at Little Boots. I think that would’ve been okay with my old coot and I suspect The Comm is just glad to have passed responsibility for the mugs onto her long-suffering daughter [wink] and has moved on to other prodjects. She doesn’t seem to be messing with *my* life. I dunno if that’s good or bad… [grin]

3 Responses to “One o’ them thar cowboy bars diners”

  1. GG Says:

    The only addition and revision is that the hike to Ron’s “Space Needle” Restaurant was also five mile. I was also very thirsty by the time to got to Ron’s. Well… five mile back – each restaurant round trip was 10 miles.

  2. kayak woman Says:

    I only remember it was the muffler because that Sunday I was over in Megalopolis at a niece’s baby shower and the GG called me during the shower (on his way home) and I could hardly hear him over the noise of the blasted vee-hickle!

  3. Margaret Says:

    That quesadilla sounds awesome–I would love it, minus the ham. My husband had so many collections that I haven’t even started to go through.