A meeeee day…

kwI knew that the GG was gonna meet up with the UU for a loverly, ticky, little glamping trip this weekend. I didn’t quite realize that he was leaving *early* this morning. He did though. Hooked the Lyme Lounge up to the Frog Hopper last night and parked the whole thing so he could just drive out this morning. Blocking the driveway? Yesiree!

Hmmm… Moom *alone* at the moomincabin for a couple days? I’ll take it. I have spent time here alone before, most notably when I glamped here during The Commander’s sojourn at the War Memorial Hoosegow’s long term care facility. The Commander was *not* a happy camper and I didn’t really have all that good a time hanging out here alone either. I won’t go into the details but it was c-c-c-cold that June and I dunno, it was just weird.

Oops! We interrupt this boring bunch of blather for a SPIDER ALERT. It’s BIG but it’s just a daddy long legs. I’ve heard tell that they are extremely poisonous but they can’t bite people. I forget why. Google it if you care. The Commander DID NOT LIKE SPIDERS!!!! She was very good at dispatching them by squishing them with a couple sheets of paper towel or Kleenex or whatever. I let this guy go. Ticks are a whole ‘nother story. I dismember them!

Anyway, here I am. I did pretty much exactly what I wanted to do today, which means I slugged around on the beach quite a bit. npJane would be proud. It’s windy down there today so not terrifically warm but warm enough with a polartech jacket and no damn bugs. Took a few walks, picked through a few boxes in the garage, failed miserably at doing the NYT Xword and it’s only Thursday, and played more games of Candy Crush Saga than I care to admit to. I am not (I hope) connecting to facebook, just playing it on my phone… I hope…

I did not do any more cleaning than the usual, which is kitchen and bathroom. I did not have to argue with anyone over the ambient temperature. It wasn’t warm enough to put the screens in so I didn’t. It wasn’t cold enough to faaaarr up the gas heater so I didn’t. I did not go to Fish at the Cozy Inn. I thought I was gonna go but it turns out they have moved the time up a half hour. There’s a good reason for that but five is too early to eat. So I bagged it. Instead, I sat down on the bank. I watched the Cason Callaway and the Algosea go down and the Alpena go up and no more freighters were expected for a while, so I decided the sun was over the yardarm.

Today, even though it was meeee day, I didn’t forget that other people exist. As it happens, the husband of one of our nieces recently died a very premature and tragic death. A memorial service and celebration of his life was held today. We decided that we could not drive down from the yooperland to attend the party. Lizard Breath did attend (and sent a photo of his beautiful “tie-dyed” cake). I’m sorry I missed this event but I’m sure Liz represented us well. I have no more words about this except that life just plain sucks sometimes.

3 Responses to “A meeeee day…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I don’t mind daddy longlegs because of their small bodies. I hate the big hairy spiders! Glad you got some me time. I’m getting too much of it and am not great company. 😉 Tragedy sucks, that’s for sure and premature death. I guess we have to accept(reluctantly) that life is meant to be a roller coaster. *sigh*

  2. jane Says:

    I am very proud of your day, although a bit jealous of course. 5:00 for fish? no – it’s practically the warmest time of day on the beach!
    as for spiders, I’m not a fan. as you know, I call Harry, Harry. except when there’s a spider, then suddenly I call him dad. not sure if he actually realizes that if I call him dad, it means something needs to be killed (big spider) or moved (dead mouse), or something along those lines.

  3. Pam J. Says:

    Well that was fun! I took you up on the “Google it if you care” suggestion and it was SO interesting. Apparently it’s not true that daddy long-legs are poisonous (or venomous — there’s a difference I’ve now learned). This is one of those long-standing myths, although with a twist because there are two different creatures, each of which is called daddy long-legs. One is definitely not poisonous; the other may or may not be but no one’s ever done the (ethically challenged) research to find out. Nor has any human ever been bitten because of those short fangs. But it was sure fun to read about. Good source of info is here: http://spiders.ucr.edu/daddylonglegs.html.

    Sorry to hear about your niece’s husband. Premature death does indeed suck.