If only…

seagulls…I had had the foresight to take a picture of the beach every hour of the day today. Because this was just the start. Calm but dark clouds off to the west / northwest. As I neared the Doelle end of the beach, I heard thunder off in the distance. My weather app proclaimed that it wasn’t too close, so I finished walking to the Doelle end of the beach and then I walked to down to the *other* end of the beach, which is where I somehow managed to get this photooo of seagulls with the freighter Herbert C. Jackson in the background. Honestly, after I took the photo, I took exactly *one* step forward and all of those birds scattered.

From then on, the weather was, well, changeable. Rain eventually reached the moominbeach and I swept and picked around at various organizing / cleaning prodjects during some absolutely gorgeous rainstorms. After lunch and a trip up to the park store, the lake was still calm, so I got a bitsy little kayak ride in and then a quick swim. By that time the sun was out in full force and the wind picked up, so I changed back into regular KW-type beach clothing and hung out up on the bank until about the time the sun was getting over the yardarm.

I had been invited (by text message, don’tcha love it?) to dinner at Chez Harry’s tonight. My reply (via text) was something like, “Mother’s March on Leftovers is just about over so this is perfect timing and I’ll bring the whine.” I know that they like to eat earlier than I do over at Chez Harry so a little after five, I texted something like, “What time is dinner?” Six (but you can come over earlier) was the answer and that was fine and a good time was had by all. And to end the day, I came home to NPR playing one of my fave songs (it’s a YouTube link). Yeah, I know this is a bit maudlin but I don’t care.

Tomorrow morning? Garbage and recycling to town and a load of laundry and a wee bit of grokkery shopping in preparation for various folks arriving this weekend.

G’night, KW.

One Response to “If only…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Cold and rainy, but wine, dinner and friends to warm you up, as well as a daughter! 🙂 Sounds like mostly a good time.