tregurthaThis one is for Our Northern Correspondent. Even though at this moment we are at the same latitude. I dunno, I am not an unfriendly person but I am very very far from being an extrovert. I could turn myself into a hermit if people didn’t drag me out of my shell. Fortunately there are some people who care enough about me to do that and Our Northern Correspondent is one of those. She was there for me on the horrific day that The Comm went into the hoosegow and never again lived in her home. I needed a friend that day and I had one and I will never forget that.

This was a cold summer day and after I did a recycle / garbage / laundry / grokkery run to Sault Ste. Siberia and walked the road, I was chopping up veggies for a stir-fry dinner and… Doodle-oop! Text message from Our Northern Correspondent. “Are you in your cabin?” She was on the beach. I replied, “I’ll be right there!” We walked to Doelle’s and back to her end of the beach. We sat in her adirondack chairs until we were too cold to talk any more and then she walked me back to the stream by Jeep and Pan’s house.

I went home and finished my stir-fry prep and then sat down on the bank for a long time. I finally decided I was too cold to sit down there any more. As I was schlepping back up the path, a certain Honda Civic 5-speed tranny type vee-hickle was drovening in to the moomincabin parking area. My beach urchin had arrived. We visited various neighbors, Kristen and crew to the east and Bugs and Horsey and crew to the west.

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