The Green Lady and Grandma Jan

fresnelFirst a little disclaimer about the title. Although my cousin The Beautiful Jan could legitimately wear a sweatshirt with “Grandma Jan” on the back of it, I don’t think that’s really her style. This particular Grandma Jan was the object of a wee bit of people-watching at the Dancing Crane Coffeehouse. The other object was the Green Lady, an eccentric-looking little lady in a lime green outfit with purple crocs. I didn’t snicker toooo loudly though because I was rather eccentrically dressed myself in my tie-dyed tshirt and blue hiking skirt.

From the Dancing Crane, we continued on to make the annual pilgrimage to Iroquois Lighthouse. On the other side of the fresnel lens in the photooo was a lively little familiar looking woman dressed in a sort of period costume sitting on a stool doing some handwork. We began a conversation and suddenly I realized who she was. “You’re Anny! I’m your biggest fan!” It was Anny Hubbard and I have I don’t know how many of her prints and birchbark cutouts and a teensy tinesy little Macchu Pichu drawing on birchbark and I need to kind of re-do my display of all of those things or whatever… Anyway, she is doing an internship at the lighthouse this summer and I’m not exactly sure about the details of that but she was so much fun to talk to and I shyly mentioned that I was The Comm’s daughter but she remembered The Comm so I was glad I said that! She even asked us if we were interested in helping her with some internship-type duties and man oh man, I would be interested but [alas] I am not a local [anymore] and I have a job somewhere down south and yada yada.

After that we did the obligatory visit to the Spectacle Lake Overlook and then we went home and the day sort of rolled along from there. The GG returned with the Lyme Lounge and Lizard Breath and I visited Our Northern Correspondent and had a whine on her back deck surrounded by her absolutely gorgeous flowers and returned with some sweet grass from her yard. And then (and then (and then)) we sat on the beach until my MacMu cousin The Beautiful Teri and her beautiful daughter Ana arrived. Teri and I gabbled away down on the beach until six o’clock [aka yikes I have a lasagne to bake!]

And here’s the MacMullan Blindside to beat all MacMullan Blindsides! My aunt Roberta died LAST AUGUST and I found out about it today!!! Teri said something like, “Don’t feel bad because you didn’t know. I didn’t know until November (or maybe it was spring or something).” No one is sure why the family wasn’t notified but I guess it’s just kind of how the MacMu family rolls. By the way, Roberta was something like 98 so I don’t regard this news as unexpected or tragic.

I’m off to eat and have more fun with my loverly uber-cuzzint so good night! -KW

2 Responses to “The Green Lady and Grandma Jan”

  1. Margaret Says:

    People still wear crocs? I’ve never owned a pair. Aunt Roberta sounds like she lived a good long life. For a non-social person you did a TON of socializing today. 🙂

  2. Pooh Says:

    I read this last week on my I-phone last week on the bike road, but didn’t feel like typing a comment on the phone. I too met Anny Hubbard at the lighthouse, but it wasn’t until the second time that I found out her name. We took Lisi and Grace to the Dancing Crane and the lighthouse when the rain cleared out. She was talking to the girls about their trip when we came in. They were looking at the exhibits, and she was talking to me about her handcrafts (and many other topics, as you know, grin!) Lisi came in, and Anny cut her a grizzly bear for “the West you’ve ridden across”, and a deer for Grace. For me, she folded the paper in eighths, and cut a rabbit. Unfolded it forms a flower shape of rabbits.

    I think that her own stories are much more interesting than the stories she’s supposed to tell as a teacher from the 1920’s at the lighthouse, but then I didn’t really hear her tell her teacher story to kids. I’m sure she also makes that interesting for an audience.