I partied with the band.

No, we did not line our driveway with deer skull luminaria. Sorry, maybe next year.

We are getting a decent business this year on All Hallow’s Eve or whatever it is. It’s a little weird to be 50-something empty nesters. People are paranoid these days. Who lives in that house? There are no big wheels or little tykes vee-hickles hanging out on the sidewalk there, so there are no kids. I know that our house, with all of the colored LED lights that I love so much and Vandergriff with his pumpkin head probably gets scrutinized from the street. Is this house with its old people okay? The GG is better at interacting with little kids but I always try to appear with him when he hands out candy. It’s okay, people. He once took our own little babies trick-or-treating. We miss those days and we love to see your kids. We hand out pre-packaged snack-sized chocolate bars and we do not embed poison or razor blades in them. They come straight from the grocery store. And our hearts. Come back. Next year or even tonight. I do not care.

I thought I had a train of thought going here but it got interrupted when a waft of smoke came through my open (On October 31!!!) kitchen window. Cigar smoke from the GG of course. I will have to figger a way to tell Grandroobly to stop influencing him. Anyway.

My hands-down favorite trick-or-treater tonight was my PiHi bus-stop friend. I see her *very* early in the morning when I am heading home from my walk and the kids are congregating at the PiHi bus stop. She’s a smart girl and I think she’s pretty but I’m not sure *she* thinks that. I also think she has a heckuva lotta guts (Mouse-like) but I’m gonna guess she doesn’t fit in with the usual freshman-type PiHi groups. She was dressed as a witch and was trick-or-treating alone. I told the GG to give her a *lot* of candy. I hope to heck I didn’t embarrass her but I *am* in her corner, whoever she is…

So. Yes. It was a good Halloween with lots of customers and we connected with our wonderful neighbors and I could actually hang out in the street with bare feet and LED lights are the best and I’m taaaarrrred and click here or on the pic for Halloween 2008 at the Landfill.

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  1. Fran Says:

    W e had only about 12 children trick or treating last evening but the last group was really fun – five children all under 4 years old and dressed so it looked like a group of little fluttering bees or butterflys – three parents obviously having as much fun as the children. There are many children’s activities around town and in the schools so we seldom have very many children .