I Love New York[ers] (a one-act play)

Venue: Landfill neighborhood bagel joint

Characters: Very Dear Friend (who grew up in NYC and prefers to encounter animals [even domesticated animals] from a safe distance), Kayak Woman, and a cute li’l MacBook with about a gatrillion photos on it.

Scene: Cute li’l MacBook is chugging away showing photos from KW’s recent hikes in da Yoop.

VDF/NYC: Are there animals?

KW [brightly, after recovering from a moment of total discombobulation]: Yes, everything up to bear!


Epilogue: VDF/NYC jets off to Thailand or someplace, leaving KW behind here to fend for herself on the Planet Ann Arbor with only Lucky-shucky Man for companionship.

Er, are there animals in Thailand?


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