Strange Brew

kayakingMan oh man, what the heck day is this anyway. I spent most of the day thinking it was Monday. And it *was* Monday, for me at least. My first day back at work after my vacation busman’s holiday. The LSCHP was a bit puzzled about the term “busman’s holiday” even after an explanation. He asked if I had spent my vacation writing functional specifications. Not so much though. Just hanging about keeping up with household chores, etc., in a different place than The Landfill. But that’s kind of how I spend all of my time off and I’m sure that Uber Kayak Woman’s cast iron pans are still recovering from me washing them last fall. She eventually staged an intervention and I am still feeling embarrassed for being such a idiot!

Anyway, my work day was not exactly what you would call stressful but I came home to a cacophony of sorts. There were a couple extra [beloved] folks here and the Mean Old Grumpy Aunt Suzie was struggling to find her way through the spaghetti of streets here on The Planet Ann Arbor at rush hour. She had landed at Metro a while before and had a rental vee-hickle and managed to take a wrong exit, therefore driving through bedlam, including (I think) a fallen beeceeclettist somewhere along the line. The GG was on the phone talking her down off the ledge and over to our house.

In the end, five of us went out to dinner downtown at the Oscar Tango. Our first choice was Knight’s but there was just no way. Too crowded. Anyway, it was a mishmash of in-laws, out-laws, and even an ex from long ago. Good times. I love that as we grow older, we can often let go of the issues that can tear us apart when we are young and just have fun. And that’s what we did. Even meeeeee, after I forced myself to get over the stress of coming home to a house full of people. Or at least more full of people than usual. (It’s okay you guys, pleeeeease come and visit me any time you want!!! Sometimes I need to be shooken up!)

But then I started thinking it was Friday because downtown Planet Ann Arbor was hopping just like a Friday. Alas, it is not Friday and I have to schlep over to my loverly, dog-poopy cube tomorrow. After coffee with MMCB. Don’t let me forget that!

Good night,
Kayak Woman

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