lizsusiemouse1992Let’s reminisce instead, especially since The Mean Old Grumpy Beautiful Aunt Susie is here for the night. I’ve posted this photoooo before but here it is again. We are at a zero tolerance beach in Floriduh and Susie is swimming in the gulf with the beach urchins. The GG took this picture but a little while later we were sitting around on the beach and we lost track of him. I eventually spied him over at the concession stand but then he disappeared again. Until he materialized with a large cup full of Sprite and ice and and and and… Bourbon. Spiked with the stuff in the back end of the Exxon Tanker Valdez. Honestly, I do not get this zero tolerance stuff. I understand that folks do not want people getting totally schnockered on a beach, peeing (and vomiting) all over everything and drovening home drunk. But what’s wrong with having a beer or two or a little shot of something? I mean we were there with *children* and I can assure you we were totally sober when we left that afternoon.

Scan010017And then there was this loverly little occasion, which somehow came up tonight as we were dining at the Grizzly Peak brewpub. They do decent ‘hattans and stuff there too, don’tcha know, gotta please those hipsters (and oldsters). But I digress. I do *not* know how we got to talking about this old fish picture (maybe there was a fish photooo on facebook somewhere?) but here it is. Apparently I don’t accurately remember the whole story. I knew that it was Boult’s boat but what I forgot about was that apparently he landed his boat very quickly on the moominbeach because the DNR was in hot pursuit. That particular generation of Boult is gone now (save The Comm’s old buddy G who is still going along at FV (I saw her pic on facebook over the weekend)) and so are so many of my family from that generation. I always say I don’t miss them. That’s not *exactly* true. I don’t *actively* miss them but it’s really quite a bit more complicated than that, as anyone who has lost an elderly parent after a difficult period of time probably knows. Or maybe not… But I am missing all those folks and their lovely fun-loving savoir faire attitude toward life tonight.

We are off on an adventure over on the west side of the state tomorrow. Wish us luck and godspeed.

Kayak Woman

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I know what you mean–I miss the memories and the people to share them with. No one else remembers!