Dancing without the Lord of Linden


Oof. Not tired exactly, overstimulated is more like it. Like all of the baaaaabies that were at the wedding. Man oh man, zero through about 18-month olds galore. We were cracking up because during all of the toasts and other speechifying that goes on at a wedding reception, our fav-o-rite going-on-2-year-old was repeatedly yelling out “All aboooooard!” Er, actually we couldn’t quite tell what he was yelling out. His dad had to translate. Whyyyy was he yelling out “All aboooooard!”? Well, of course it was because he had a Thomas the Tank Engine flashlight. Why else?

The wedding? It was fine and nobody cared that I wore my hiking sandals. Or at least no one said anything about them.

That is about all I have. G’night, -KW

One Response to “Dancing without the Lord of Linden”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Thomas the Tank Engine is popular with my nephew too. I had girls and am not familiar with that cartoon. 🙂 Glad your hiking sandals passed muster.