Pass the Kleenex please.

cleaningI have had to TRAIN myself to occasionally buy Kleenex. We so rarely get cold viruses around here that I usually use toilet paper for the VERY occasional need to blow by doze. It can be embarrassing to ask a guest to use TP for that though, so I have been trying.

I never used to cry at weddings. My main concern about weddings when I was a 20-something was whether or not they were Catholic weddings. Catholic wedding ceremonies took a long time and there was much walking about doing things that I could not understand (this was after Vatican II, so the Mass was in English (not sure if “Mass” should be capitalized or not…)). Mainstream Protestant church wedding ceremonies were short and sweet. The after-parties were often the reverse but that’d be a whole ‘nother story. I’m not entirely sure what denomination our nephew’s wedding ceremony was yesterday but it was carefully thought out to be entertaining to the guests as well as meaningful for the couple and I greatly enjoyed it.

I cried. Why did I cry? I do not even know. The first time I remember crying at a wedding was at The Beautiful Renee’s wedding in North Carolina a few years ago. I was totally surprised by this phenomenon and had an absolutely terrible time keeping my mascara from running down my cheek. I did it again at my 1st-cousin-once-removed R’s wedding out on Lopez last summer (except for when his grandmother said, “This is the strangest wedding I’ve ever been to”. Then I had trouble keeping from laughing). I care greatly about these people but I think that at this point in time, I would probably cry if I happened by some random stranger’s wedding. Maybe if I ever stop being a systems analyst, I could have a career in Las Vegas as a paid wedding cryer? Boo hoo hoo and I would pull my handkerchief out of my dress bra and dab my eyes.

I was lucky during yesterday’s ceremony. The beach urchins were not carrying Kleenex. I guess they are a bit like their mother. Some semblance of presence of mind made me ask the GG. YES YES YES!!! He had some. It was a bit crumpled but it was clean and it saved me from the whole raccoon eyes phenomenon.

The rest of the night! Fun fun fun! Lots of the GG’s fun-loving family were there and my quick green lizard kept dragging me out on the dance floor (since the Lord of Linden wasn’t there to do it [grin]). Once I think she even asked me to dance like the Mean Old Grunchie Old Grinchie used to do when we were young and wild (he’s still wild) and we would go the Back Door and yell BARRRROOOOOM and stuff like that. At TBR’s wedding, I think I *tried* to demonstrate the Grinchie’s old style of dancing and I think I embarrassed both my kids.

Anyway, after the reception many of us reconvened for some carousing at the hotel. I made it to bed at 1:00 AM totally sober but quite a few folks “closed” the bar. I left the lights on in the living area of our suite and I briefly woke up to somebody saying, “Reddy Kilowatt” when the beach urchins came in. More carousing this morning albeit with coffee and self-serve breakfast. And then came the good-byes. I hate long good-byes but when you have a large family, the good-byes do take a long time after this kind of event and I did my best to be patient. We are only on the earth for a moment but I hope the hugs I gave today are felt forever. I meant them that way.

I imagine that Tim and Jess are on their honeymoon now. Us? We came home and cleaned stuff. Like the Frog Hopper. He also vacuumed out the Ninja. It’s not a camping vee-hickle so there isn’t a lot of crap in it. Thank you buddy. Thanks to the Cfam for accepting me as a part of their wonderful family even when I am feeling anti-social. Love you all. Life goes on. Godspeed!

2 Responses to “Pass the Kleenex please.”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I use TP instead of Kleenex; in fact, I have a roll of it on my desk instead of a box of Kleenex. (way cheaper) I don’t usually cry at weddings but these days I weep when I’m least expecting it. Luckily, I wear no eye make up so there isn’t a problem if I have to wipe my eyes on my sleeve. 🙂

  2. Pooh Says:

    Margaret, is this your desk at school? Maybe the kids would use a little less if it was tp. I’m always amazed when they take 3-4 tissues at a time, then throw them all away after one blow.