Me and my photobomber

kwdancing<boring>Got to work last Thursday after some vacay and faaaarfox was gone — gone, yes gone, I’m told it happened without warning during a meeting. Okay, I can still use IE, roight? Well, sorta but not but I finally got on after a whole buncha re-a-starts and I opened up a support ticket and they didn’t respond to me for whatever reason (maybe because a whole buncha other folks have the same blasted problem) and then things kind of improved so I forgot about it — until I got in there today and had some of the same problems but I eventually got on to IE today and then we lost connectivity to the web and our internal server and that was a different problem and the prediction for getting it fixed was TOMORROW!!!! so I worked from home for the afternoon. Or tried to because at first IE was sorta kinda working okay and I could get to both the corporate server and the internet and then I couldn’t get anywhere and and and and that lasted for the last two hours of the day. Monday, Monday… I got sooooo much work done today (not).</boring>

I don’t totally love this photoooo but it’s okay enough that I made it my facebook profile pic for the time being. I do NOT know who the photobomber is. He may (or may not) be checking out somebody’s butt but I can assure you it is not mine. Baggy as I am, I am not sure that my butt is all that bad but that dance floor was filled with gorgeous young 20/30-somethings who love to dance. I am sure he was looking at somebody else’s butt or face or whatever. Who knows. Me? I was dancing with my daughters and nieces and sisters-in-law and a coupla times, even my husband. But not The Lord of Linden, blast it all because he is so much fun. But we’ll get out there again. We are all so much fun, aren’t we?

2 Responses to “Me and my photobomber”

  1. Tonya Says:

    Sure does LOOK like he’s checking out your butt! ;o) I do actually love that picture.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I agree with Tonya. A very clever photo. I would use it as a FB shot too. 🙂