“I’m not being bossy, I’m just telling you what to do!”

canalThat was my dear brother-in-law after telling us we needed to move our you-know-what’s so we could launch the Pontoon Boat properly. And he was right, we needed Bertha Butt up there in the front of the boat. He himself was not on the Pontoon Boat. He had launched his the loverly old Green Boat. For years now, the Green Boat has been an object of great disparagement here at the Group Home. People would say things like, “that old boat won’t ever run”, and “he needs to get rid of that old boat”, and probably even “it’s an eyesore”. Well, guess what. He did get the dern thing running after all these years and he and The Beautiful Chelsea had great fun running it all around Houghton Lake today. So, yay! More boats! The rest of us remained on the Pontoon Boat, which ferried us over to the grokkery and liqwire stores. I can remember The Comm once standing in a grokkery store line with a bunch of ‘hattan juice saying to some guy something like, “This is what you get when you teach your kids to drink Manhattans”. Now I know… [wink]

Oops, here are the Lord and Lady of Linden. I’ll be back.

And I am back! After a cocktail cruise into the north bay and a chaotic but ultimately successful dinner. It ain’t easy with 14 people here or whatever but it reminded me of when I was a beach urchin and many days, after a day of hanging out on the beach, The Comm and Radical Betty and Bubs and The Goddess Esther if she was around would gather at around 3:30 or 4:00 and declare it to be a Community Dinner day. If they needed food, they would shoot up the hill and down to Aunt Jane’s What a Pickle gaaaarage-style market. And we would all eat at the big old table in the old kitchen at the Old Cabin. It was fun and I miss those days and tonight kind of reminded me of them.

Oh, the faaarrrr. Do you really wanta know? When I got up Friday morning, there was a video on the Courtois Family facebook page. Early that morning, a cabin a few doors down, owned by what Grampa Garth used to call “The Schoolteachers”, caught faaaarrr. Suze woke up to about a gazillion faaaartrucks out in the street. The cabin is still standing but it’s pretty much totaled. It was old and the logs were disintegrating and I don’t exactly understand the whole thing but… I’m not gonna say anything more because even though I doubt they have any idea that my stoopid blahg exists, they would not want to be featured on it.

And that whole thing reminded me of the time when I was a teenager and Grandma was still alive and we woke up one morning to see a bunch of bedding in the Old Cabin back yard. What? Grandma only stayed at the Old Cabin with Radical Betty at that time of her life. RB had put her to bed in the main room under an electric blanket. Radical Betty was sleeping on the front porch and something made her wake up at that bat-scope time of the morning. She looked through the window into the main living room to see flames at the foot of Grandma’s bed. The electric blanket had caught fire. RB mobilized immediately, moving Grandma into her own bed on the front porch, putting out the flames and dumping all of the bedding outside the cabin. Not necessarily exactly in that order.Good night,
Kayak Woman

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Love this post and all your activities, as well as the memories they bring up. WE have become the older generation that we remember so fondly. Yikes. 🙂