Big sky…

bigsky…over Houghton Lake. Yes of course this photo is apped! It is apped via Hipstamatic, specifically the Matty ALN lens and Big Up film. No flash — who needs a flash with this sky? I made a commitment to myself a couple years ago to de-clutter my life and one of the things I did was to ditch my digital camera in favor of iPhoneography*. I know that some people kind of pooh-pooh iPhoneography but I regard it only as a different artistic medium than say, film (which some people still use) or other fancier sorts of digital cameras. Of course, I am not calling myself an artist, except in the sense that I think we all strive to be artists in whatever we are passionate about doing. For now, two of my main artistic endeavors are iPhoneography and curating my “collection” aka de-cluttering. Earlier pursuits like music and fiber arts are pretty much on hold for the time being. I still own a flute or two and a piano (or two…) and a dungeon full of fabric.

Enough philosophizing, at least about that stuff.

I was really feeling iffy about going up to the Group Home for the weekend. I’ve been weary of traveling for a couple years now and I was feeling like I needed some good old Planet Ann Arbor time. But The Beautiful Suzie and our lovely GrandmotherTrucker were gonna be there and my own quick green lizard (and some friends) and Jim and his daughter The Beautiful Chelsea and the Uncly Uncle and The Beautiful Gay and the Lord and Lady of Linden spent a quick overnight and how could I have missed that? It was sooooo much fun. The lake was absolutely glorious, as you can see. All weekend. I got some kayaking in too, if only a wee bit.

We made the wrenching decision this afternoon to forgo yet another pontoon boat ride, this one over to the tiki bar. We hemmed and hawed but we knew life would be better tomorrow morning if we had a nice calm evening here at the Landfill. So we launched the Frog Hopper southward.

Then. We got home and I was like, “where is my clothes bag?” That would be the duffel bag I haul my clothing back and forth to the north country with. Answer? Well, it was not in the Frog Hopper. Which meant… Dun dun dun… It was sitting by the back door at the Group Home. I felt a flash of anger about this but it was really just a miscommunication. The GG has been the main vee-hickle packer for the last few years. He *is* good at that (and he tends to travel with more stuff than I do these days, wasn’t always that way), so I have become accustomed to just packing my stuff and putting it out there for him to shoehorn in somewhere. I won’t detail what happened today but I got over the anger pretty quickly. It wasn’t really his fault and it was all my crappy fun clothes and I have multiples of those (yay for owning umpteen gazillion tie-dyed t-shirts and for *wearing* your fave hiking skirt home!). There was not one single article of bizcaz in there so I am good to go. I might have enough unmentionables to get me through… I do own a washing musheen…

Anyway, home now and happy to be able to harvest a wee bit of basil and some rosemary from Mouse’s garden to help dinner along.

*I think the cam is still around and maybe the GG uses it sometimes but I am done done done (dun dun dun) with walking around carrying more than one device.

2 Responses to “Big sky…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Beautiful photo indeed–I’m impressed! I hate hauling around a camera but didn’t get the iphone that I promised myself this summer. I’m feeling like it’s too late now. So much didn’t get done, but I have to let that go. What’s for dinner? 🙂

  2. jane Says:

    I harvested one of my 4 tomatoes for dinner last night. yes – 4. total. that’s all I’m going to get this summer. sad heavy sigh.