“You’re in a room with four orcs. Whaddya do?”

yukonI couldn’t describe today’s title if I tried. Let’s just say it’s one of the odd little perks that come with my job…

We are actually on The Planet Ann Arbor for the duration this weekend. Does it ever feel good to just beeeee for once! We didn’t get Porterized down at the Oscar Tango in the usual way tonight. Instead, they pinged us from the Yukon Inn up there in Paradise via this pic and a few others. That guy in the photoooo is the dogman. I never knew the dogman but we had dinner with his brother, a former C-fam outlaw, a couple weeks ago. Come to think of it, we were at the Oscar Tango that night too.

I posted (with permission, thanks Diane!) this photoooo on facebook, and one of the comments was from Our Northern Correspondent, who said that her husband had watched the first moon landing from the Yukon Inn. That brought back interesting memories for me. I watched that moon landing in the Piedmont Old Cabin on the black and white TV. A bunch of us teeny-boppers used to watch TV on that thing every night until the 11:00 news, at which point we would walk down to Doelle’s in the dark and sit on the porch down there scaring each other (or probably it was just meeee that was scared). Something like that. I know that I was in a constant battle with my parents about staying out “late”. Not a fun part of my life as a teenager but then we didn’t have cell phones back then. Or even a frickin’ *landline* in the cabin, come to think of it. How the heck did I fergit that? (Still mind-boggling that I can now walk the moominbeach with a computer in my pocket — one that can post photos to cyberspace via the 4G network.)

Anyway, we were all gathered at the Piedy’s the night of the lunar landing and it was all cool… Except… That… I felt like absolute death warmed over. Sore throat and fever anyone? I was darned if I was gonna tell my parents about that. I was sure they’d make me go to bed or something. I have a history of being sick during space missions. In second grade, I threw up all over my desk while we were watching John Glenn launch to orbit the earth. I was in good health watching Commander Hadfield cover that David Bowie tune on them thar tubes. Maybe I’ve broken the spell?

Where were you during the first moon landing? I know some of you were not alive yet.

Jeebus, the ceegar smoke is thick tonight!

3 Responses to ““You’re in a room with four orcs. Whaddya do?””

  1. Margaret Says:

    I don’t remember where I was!! I was very interested in space so I must have watched.

  2. Tonya Says:

    I was 13, and was spending the weekend with a friend and her family at their Puget Sound island cabin (ironically not far at all from Harstine Island). They had a TV and I was glued to it, but my friend and her large family (of noisy brothers and aloof parents) had no interest in watching the moon landing whatsoever. They kept bugging me to go the the beach and I was NOT MOVING FROM THAT TV. She dropped me as a friend soon after because I was too much of a nerd.

  3. kayak woman Says:

    Love those memories.

    I was definitely a nerd too but I may *not* have remembered the lunar landing had I not been sick while watching it. But still. On our beach, we as teenagers were greatly interested in seeing the lunar landing and our parents were too. I’m sure we went back to swimming or listening to Bob Dylan on the hifi as soon as we turned off the TV.