Tweak tweak tweak

fishskeletonThe GG has had headphones on absolutely all day. All the way down to the farmer’s market this morning, all the way around the farmer’s market, all the way home. All day. In one way it’s a blessing because we don’t have to be talking to each other all day. (Yes, we’ve been married a long time.) But then there are those times when I (or somebody else) NEED to talk to him and he is oblivious! Like our fave farmer’s market coffee folks (Roos Roast, google it) asking him what kind of coffee he wanted. Oblivious…

We did our usual thing at the farmer’s market. Got coffee, then walked around a bit checking out what was there and had breakfast — a half donut for me (other half later) and something sweet and sticky for the GG. At that point I was ready to do some serious shopping so I tried to shoo him off to visit his girlfriend Victoria the artist. Her wares were there but she was nowhere to be seen so I hit up the artist across the way, who paints gorgeous landscapes that remind me of the moominbeach, although they are typically Lake Michigan scenes. I showed him a photo of sunset on the moominbeach and a long conversation ensued about the Lake Superior shore and sunset times there and here and in the arctic, etc. I love this guy and one of these days I will see just the right painting and open my stingy little wallet. Or maybe he does commissions… Hmmm… I’m not quite there yet…

Home but not without talking ourselves into a couple of Harnois Farms (google it) cornish hens in addition to all the fruits and veggies. Two big bags of used but clean linens (some mine, some The Comm’s) down to Kiwanis for donation, that’s three bags of stuff outta the Landfill this week. Flinging has been on a bit of a hiatus this summer and every little bit counts. Took our obligatory weekend trip to Ace Hardware, then home for a day full of cleaning, organizing, and flinging (me) and cutting down trees (the GG). Feels soooooo good to be here on The Planet on a beautiful Saturday.

Ooooops… the GG is rattling his car keys and that means it’s time to go to a partay over in Ypsilanti.

And so we did and now we are back and, as hard as it is for me to drag myself outta The Landfill at 6 PM on a Saturday evening, I am sooooo glad we went! A pair of neighbors had big birthdays plus a big anniversary this summer and this was a surprise party for them. Once upon a time, one of my beach urchins was five months old and it was March and finally a nice enough day to go for a stroller ride here in the Great Lake State. We rounded the corner and there was another mom with a beautiful two-month-old *redheaded* baby girl. Who knew then that those kiddos would become the bestest of pals for, well, I won’t say how many years. You can guess but please guess silently because I am still processing my life without my parents and Radical Betty in them. I don’t *actively* miss any of them but for years my life was one foot in front of the other and now it’s sorta more like what’s next and where do I put my foot and I’m still figuring those things out. Pardon me, even though I have a wonderful career these days, I’m under construction. Again…

But hey, tonight was soooo much fun and we were meeting for a *fun* reason and plenty of young people seemed happy to hang out with us baggy old folks, including our own beach urchins of courserous. Or (duh) maybe the beach urchins were *why* folks were hanging out at our table? Whatever. It was all fun and let’s all do it again, but not for me please, when I get there.

Should I hit publish? I guess I will. I’ll probably tweak because that’s what I do.

Good night,

P.S. The GG always kind of hoped for a redheaded baby to match his gorgeous sister Susie. I am not a DNA expert but I sort of suspected that we would get blue-eyed blondes and that is exactly what we got.

2 Responses to “Tweak tweak tweak”

  1. Tonya Says:

    I was NOT expecting a redhead in a gazillion years (his dad was half Japanese for chrissakes), but that’s what I got and that’s what he still is. I think it blows HIS mind, too. “How the h*ll did THAT happen?”

  2. Margaret Says:

    What’s next and where do I put my foot describes where I am in my life right now. No idea what direction(s) to go in. Tonya–I do remember that Bill had some red in his beard. Nathan got the FULL red hair though and it looks great.