Aminals in the Dark

What is that aminal slinking across the street up there? Does it have a white streak? I really couldn’t see whether it did or not, it was too dark. I *think* it was a raccoon, though. Skunks waddle a bit more. So I didn’t need to douse myself with tomato juice. Or a mixture of peroxide, baking soda, and liquid detergent. I got that from Sam, who also provided me with this nice, skunky web article.

Aminals of all sorts rule the neighborhood at 6:30 in the morning. Raccoons slink around in and out of the sewers. I’ve seen ‘possums and one time, a fox trotted right up the middle of Revena street just after daybreak. Rabbits are so tame that I had to walk up to within a couple feet of one this morning to get it out of the middle of the street. Skunks? I know I’m gonna get it one of these days, so I walk in the middle of the street, constantly on the lookout for their waddling gait. If I can smell one, I figure somebody has already sprayed so I’m somewhat safe. Maybe?

I see cats out hunting and I have been known to scare them away from chipmunks and baby birds and things. Boots was out there today, or at least a dead ringer for him. Boots was my cousins’ cat when we were kids, a big black cat with white feet. He was a no-nonsense, don’t-mess-with-me kind of cat and I was afraid of him when I was really little. I saw his twin this morning, or almost. This cat had pointy ears. Boots’s points got truncated by frostbite during some nocturnal adventure in the Siberian winter.

That dog that bit me last spring doesn’t seem to be around any more. Maybe he ate his insipid little owner. “Rover, Rover, come back here!” she yelled in her weak, high-pitched little voice. Sheesh, I thought, she needs to take a few lessons from one of the Fin women. Bubs, perhaps?

2 Responses to “Aminals in the Dark”

  1. Kathy Farnell Says:

    Hi Anne, Just thought I would let you know. Nathe Morley won third place in his first Karate competition last Saturday. He won a plaque with his name on it! He won one of his “fights” and lost one, but he was awarded a medal for his effort. We are very proud of him, and I would appreciate it if you could let everyone know about his accomplishments by posting it on ababsurdo. That way everyone will know how great he is! Thanks! Love, Kathy

  2. Webmomster Says:

    Hey!! We’ve used that De-Skunk-i-fy recipe – at least twice on ol’ Sam!! I really couldn’t tell you how well it works, as there’s something about *skunk* that kinda burns out ones “smeller” after being in forced association with an affected being.

    From a distance, smells like *skunk*; get closer, it takes on more of a “burnt garlic” aura; start scrubbing the dawg and next thing you know, you’re sticking your nose INTO the fur and NOT SMELLING ANYTHING.

    Just remember…it’s NOT because the recipe works (just ask the person who dumped the task on you whether or not there’s an odor), it’s because your olfactory cells hurled themselves off that proverbial cliff into the sea like so many lemmings…