Grok Grok. Go Skunk High!!! Grok grok frok GROK!!! Sproing Crash!

Grok grok grok. Th’ school distric’ aroun’ here is so stoopid. They wanna name th’ new high school some dum name like Reconnaissance High er sumthin’. grok grok. T’ reflec’ th’ innavational program (er, whatever that means) that’s s’posed t’ be in there. grok grok.

rok grok. I think they oughtta name it Skunk High, after all th’ pore li’l skunks that got ‘dozed outta their homes so th’ stoopid distric’ c’d build th’ big boondoggle. grok grok.

Frok frok grok. ‘n’ all o’ us atha-letes (Ima jumper, yaknow) c’d be th’ Mighty Fightin’ Amphibians! Y’know, lotsa pore li’l ol’ froggies los’ their homes too. Graaaawwwk-sniff Grokka. 😥 ‘n’ just think o’ th’ beeyootyful frog-green uny-forms we c’d wear! Grok grok. GO FROGGIES!! GROKKgrokgrokGROK!

Er, Froog? Didja know that skunks like to *eat* frogs?

3 Responses to “Grok Grok. Go Skunk High!!! Grok grok frok GROK!!! Sproing Crash!”

  1. Webmomster Says:

    Go Amphibians!! Go Green! Go Grok! Go Green! Go Grok!! *sploosh*!

  2. Pooh Says:

    Why not the “Stinking Skunks” or the “Slimy ‘Phibs”? After all Huron High is the home of the “River Rats”!

  3. kayak woman Says:

    Well, Froog actually got that from an article in the A2 Snooze yesterday.

    Today, the school cranks listserve has sorta come out of dormancy again. The obnoxious woman that denounced Commie a while back thinks we should call it “Tree Town” High and waxes rhapsodical about all the beautifully colored fall trees on N. Maple road.

    Another guy got on there and slammed her, saying that a lot of those trees have been clear-cut to build the high school.

    The whole issue is very controversial, but what isn’t in the A2 School district? 😉 I am against the new high school. The two comprehensives are over-crowded but I think that the situation could be handled much more creatively. The new school’s location is *awful* and not just because it’s on my route down to the kayak put-in. It’s right next to what I consider to be a very dangerous freeway entrance/exit. And it *is* interesting that we now have something called a “greenbelt” (too long for this comment) and the school is located right smack in the middle of it.

    I could go on and on but I won’t.