SWIFT boating is soooo much fun…

devinepreserveBut I will *not* bore you with it. Suffice it to say I am designing another file compare tool. That’s one of my little niches of expertise albeit not one that’ll make me rich or catapult me into fame.

Other than that, I don’t have much. Thunderstorms were in the forecast when I opened up my weather app at 0-skunk-30 this morning. But ho-hum. Didn’t look like much was coming in the direction of The Planet Ann Arbor any time soon, so I toooooook my shower and thru my purple Keens on and galumphed off in the dark through the school yard, watching warily for my fav-o-rite crepuscular aminal. The stinky kind, don’tcha know.

I got through the schoolyard to Duncan Street. Everything was all right. Then. Flash! Yes, just a wee little bit of a flash. Hmmm… The one thing I didn’t check before heading out was my lightning app. I checked it. Whoa! Lightning 24 miles away! That’s a safe distance but I was out walking and I know from experience that storms can move quickly and sometimes rather unpredictably so I cut my walk short and sure enough, by the time I got back to the schoolyard, the lightning was now 12.2 miles away. Too far away for audible thunder but too close for comfort.

Sure enough, not long after I got home, the storm hit. Not a big one by any means but there was plenty of audible thunder and enough rain that I didn’t have to water the Mouse’s Garden today.

As much as I love my lightning app (it’s actually built into the WeatherBug app, maybe other weather apps have one too though), I wonder if it makes me even more of a chicken about electrical storms than I already am. Then again, I have seen lightning do some interesting things. Like one Saturday back when the beach urchins were young and a tree exploded in the woods behind The Landfill. It had been a little drizzly the whole day but it was quiet rain and storms didn’t seem to be on the radar at all. And then… Kaboom!!! What the heck was that!?!

By the way, a pet peeve!!!! In the last couple days, I cannot count how many people I have seen posting about “lightening” on facebook. “Lightening?” Really? These are people who are college-educated and some have advanced degrees. LIGHTNING!!! There is no “e” in “lightning.” I know that not everybody has the “spelling” gene but thank you for letting me rant and rave and vent and act crazy. I needed that. Oh, and goodnight!

P.S. I misspelled “animal” (as “aminal”) intentionally. Long story. So crucify me.

One Response to “SWIFT boating is soooo much fun…”

  1. Pooh Says:

    “Sun-in” is/was? a lightening agent, lightning is not. Unless, it’s so close it turns your hair white overnight! I’ve had to check myself a couple of times on this pair.