Pole vaulting over mouse turds

harvestSo, what did I flub up today? I missed a meeting. I *missed* a meeting. I MISSED a meeting. We have this email / scheduling type app on our laptops at work called Outlook (maybe some of you are familiar with it). 15 minutes before a meeting, it flashes a little reminder at you. I was at my desk DEEPLY engrossed in my little SWIFT-boating prodject but somehow I still missed the reminder. (Okay, I was probably in thought-processing mode which means I might’ve been picking at an xword on my phone for a minute or two.) The funny thing was that my team was nowhere to be seen and I kept wondering where the heck they were. Was there a meeting that I was not invited to? Could be. Oh well, I thought. Two hours after the meeting began, I noticed that the Outlook icon was lit up. Meeting? What meeting? When? It’s okay, I wasn’t really needed anyway and I’m sure someone would’ve pinged me if I had been. The Queen Bee said something like, “If this is the worst thing you’ve ever done, you’re in pretty damn good shape.” (Of course, she didn’t say “damn”. I don’t think the QB *ever* uses words like that.) And then we all went on to talk about important stuff, like our QA manager’s daughter’s first day of kindergarten.

My workward commute included a stop at the Saline Road Meijer to pick up a few things that were on my big-box grokkery store list like CHEERIOS!!!! Hello. The GG left an empty box right in the middle of my “road” aka the chitchen counter this morning. Like, WE ARE OUT OF CEREAL, GET SOME! (Yes, of course he can navigate a grokkery store and buy his own cereal but I’m sure he knew that I would have other stuff on my list, so why make multiple trips.)

My homeward commute included a driver who must have found her driver’s license in a Crackerjack box. But why talk about that. It’s an everyday occurrence.

Then I got home and my new neighbor complimented me on how good I looked. “Are you going out somewhere?” Yes, we have a new neighbor — in the Burke’s old house of dynamite if anyone’s counting. Well, no. I just got home from work and I’ll be in tie-dye in about five minutes. She seemed kind of floored to see me in KW-style bizcaz. I like my new neighbor. The last neighbors were fine but I never quite connected with them. My bad for being shy. This gal is a little different. Outgoing and very colorful albeit not in the way that I am with my tie-dye duds. Tattoos are not something I’ve ever been interested in for myself but I couldn’t care less if others get them. But heck, I didn’t even get my ears pierced until I was in my 30s, not that I didn’t want to but that would be a whole ‘nother story. Anyway, nothing like dragging your ass home at the end of a workday and having some beautiful vibrant young person (with or without tattoos) yell from her driveway about you how good you look! Say what? I’ll take it.

By the time I had my tie-dye on, I saw that Daisy was parked out in the street and my Mouse harvested all that stuff in the photooo today… She asked, “Can you believe this came out of the back yard of The Landfill?” KW (aka Black Thumb Banana) was speechless!

I could prob’ly go on and on (and on and on and on) but I won’t. G’night!

2 Responses to “Pole vaulting over mouse turds”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Beautiful veggies! I hate missing anything or forgetting and would tend to obsess about it for a long time. But you already know this about me. 😉

  2. Pooh Says:

    Lovely arrangement of vegies — definitely an artist’s eye! <:3~