Bare Laked Nady

nekkidCarl says that this painting’s title is “Cabin Dreams”. We don’t usually sit under this thing but we needed a big table down at the Oscar Tango tonight. Not only did we get Porterized, we were also cuzzintized! By none other than Jay and Carl, who drove down from the yooperland today and have to hit the skies back to Seattle tomorrow morning. Thankfully not at 0-dark-30.

It was getting to be a wild night down at the OT. When we got there, it was pretty quiet and the TV wasn’t even on. Then about 15 40-something male-type folks arrived, hugged, threw about four tables together, and ordered a bunch of pitchers. The TV came on but I fergit what kind of sporting event was on it. Carl could probably tell you. The bunch of guys were Notre Dame fans, we guessed. It’s okay. They’ll have a loooonnnnggg time to recover from tonight’s adventures tomorrow. The game isn’t until 8:00 PM. I wish I had a photoooo of all those guys hugging but I wasn’t quite quick enough with the iPhone.

I could tell Jay was taaaarrrred at the end of it all. Her taaarrred-ness flowed over into me although I did recover myself on the long walk up the hill to The Landfill. Of course, I also lost the GG somewhere along the way. He stopped in Maryfield Park to urbanP into the ravine and I kept on going, thinking he would catch up. As it turned out, I got all the way home and took a shower and when I got out of the shower, he still wasn’t home. For a split second or two, I was thinking I might have to go out and look for him or call the po-leeese or something but then he came galumphing in the door.

Farmer’s market early tomorrow and then Habitat for Humanity. And, if I can muster up the right kind of psychological energy, maybe a run down to Kiwanis with a couple boxes of stuff. We’ll see. Every little bit counts.


3 Responses to “Bare Laked Nady”

  1. Aimee Nassoiy Says:

    Love, greetings, and good travel wishes to all. This time last year we were coming together in my neck of the woods for Robyn and Teresa. . . in fact I think this would have been rehearsal dinner night. Missing all of you and wishing I could clone myself sometimes. . . or at least get more time off to fly about here and there. Don’t let me whine too much, as I’ve had an amazing summer of hiking and backpacking. . . including part of the Wonderland trail with some mbira virtuosos. Anyway, know that I miss all of you all and am sending love your way. . . and gratitude for your help, love and presence last summer!

  2. TMOTU Says:

    Note: The painting, located in the Old Town Bar, is life size.

  3. Jay Says:

    It was interesting to see the transformation of downtown A2 on a Friday night. I don’t recall it being so lively when I last lived there. Had a great time, and are now cooling our heels at home. GO BLUE!