Greetings from the other side…

leavesI looked at the clock a number of times this morning. I even reset the flashing clock on Gertrude, the victim of a bizarre power outage yesterday afternoon (one that I wasn’t home for). Suddenly it was 9:00 AM and I posted on facebook everything I had done by that time which was something like get up, shower, clean the Blue and Only Bathroom, walk to the farmer’s market and back (2 miles each way), do a bunch of laundry, “process” some (but not all) of the veggies I got at the market, and I fergit what else. I do know that I delegated vacuuming duties to Rosie the Robot Rooooomba.

So, I posted it all on facebook and I loved the responses I got. Most of them were along the lines of “haven’t gotten out of my pajamas yet and thinking about doing this or that, etc. So much fun. I am *always* out of my nightshirt at an early hour but I definitely have those days when I can’t jump-start myself and I totally understand that whole thing. Today? I dunno what hit me.

So, take a deep breath. I went on to walk to the Plum Market for a few more provisions, then drove over to the Jackson Road Meijer for stuff that I can’t or don’t wanna buy at the Plum. Gotta spread what passes for “wealth” around, roight? Yes. And then, I settled in to de-hoarding and I made good progress processing several boxes of The Comm’s stuff. Until. I. Burned. Out. I wanted to burn branches in the back yard but then it started to rain. And I love when it rains so I gave up on the burning. But then I was bored… I wanted to do more flinging but I couldn’t quite figure out what to fling. Like, there’s a full-sized broiler pan there and, even though I have never used one of those during my sojourn at The Landfill and currently have no place to store it, I have always wanted one of those and I can’t quite donate it.

The details of life can be so difficult.

2 Responses to “Greetings from the other side…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I have been mainly “flinging” (selling, donating) my husband’s construction stuff and it IS exhausting. I haven’t done very much with his personal effects for that reason. I feel like I reach the limit of what I can do and then have to stop and recharge.

  2. Sam Says:

    You nailed it. Wonderful and not so, mostly it begins with details.