Photobombers galore

Spent the morning in downtown Daytwa. Well, some of us spent the morning there, others spent the whole day. First, some pics of Lizard Breath’s loverly new (since early summer) apartment in the Woodbridge area of Detroit, complete with photobombers. So here is a Mouse photobomber tending the amaryllis in Lizard’s cool chitchen.


Next we have the Twinz of Terror in their Dee-troit Lions regalia, photobombed by none other than Liz as well as a bookshelf The Commander made.


Finally, here’s The Comm’s old kitchen table and chairs from the Dillon house. No photobomber in this one except maybe for a very happy plant that has finally recovered after being moved. (For the second time, it moved from Sault Ste. Siberia to Ferndale and then to Detroit.)


These photooos do not do the apartment justice. It is a two-floor space with the main rooms on the second floor of the house and an attic bedroom on the third. It’s in a beautifully (and recently) restored old-school Detroit house in a thriving neighborhood. I won’t try to pin down the style of architecture, maybe Liz can fill us in. My grandaddy and Bolette had a kind of an art deco style house but it was a (beautiful) smaller house in a different neighborhood.

Being us, you have to know that the day was more complicated than just driving over to Detroit for breakfast and back. Noooo. The GG drove the Frog Hopper and I drove the Ninja and we picked up Mouse on the way and then, after breakfast, Mouse and I drove back to The Planet Ann Arbor because Mouse had to work today. The GG stayed around to attend the Lions game with his “ugly brother” the UU. And guess what? The Lions won and nobody’s vee-hickle got towed.

I spent a very satisfying spacified afternoon mostly cooking. Tomato sauce out of home grown veggies from three gardens plus the farmer’s market and stuff for dinner tonight and during the week. And then a bit of organizing in preparation for more flinging. But not the broiler pan. Not yet. (I’ve come to retuuuurrrn the broiler paaaannnnn — The White Tornado, singing opera-style ca hmmmm 1966 maybe?)

One Response to “Photobombers galore”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That is a very cool looking apt. I’ll be visiting my younger daughter’s little house in Bellingham next weekend and will take photos. It’s on the Mount Baker Highway and fairly rustic. (I think)