Saturday twitter plays

sunflowersTwitter play 1:

Setting: Planet Ann Arbor farmer’s market.

Mouse [watching KW struggle with backpack, coffee, bags, and money]: You need a good market assistant.

KW: Actually, the GG has evolved to be a decent market assistant. When he’s not off talking to his girlfriend.


Twitter play 2:

Setting: The Landfill.

KW schleps a couple boxes of “free stuff” out to the curb and returns to the Landfill.

As KW crosses the Landfill living room, she glimpses Marsha of Perrynet descending upon the free stuff.

When KW next enters the living room and looks out the window, ALL of the free stuff is gone.


Twitter play 3:

Setting: ladies powder room outside the Jolly Pumpkin rooftop dining area, three hours after the Umich football game ended.

KW: Who won?

Woman in Go Blue shirt [rather incredulously, like what planet are you from asking a question like that]: U of M!?! But just barely and they were playing against *Akron*.

KW: Obviously I’m just an old Ann Arbor hippie who couldn’t care less about football but even *I* know that Akron isn’t a major team.

KW and Go Blue: [laughter]


Good night. P.S. I am not really an old Ann Arbor hippie but I occasionally get mistaken for one and that is so much fun!

One Response to “Saturday twitter plays”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Free stuff always goes fast. People love others’ junk. 🙂 I don’t think you look like a hippie, in spite of the tie dye.