So, what’s Brangelina up to and who’s twerking this week

hickentomatoesThat awkward moment when you are standing in line at the Meijer u-scan and somebody ahead of you is having trouble getting a gift card to go through, so you are w-a-i-t-i-n-g and catching up with the tabloids while you wait. Aaaannnddd… A co-worker catches you red-handed! In this case, it was W1.5, who has lived over the wall from me at the cube farm for six (?!?) years. I hadn’t been there long before we figured out that our kids had gone to middle school together and *then* we realized that for YEARS, I had been crossing paths with his wife on our respective 0-skunk-30 walking routes (we still do). She walks with a friend. I walk alone. Dum dum de dum dum. I prefer to be by myself… So now my guilty little secret [wink] is out. Dooya think W1.5 will out me at work tomorrow?

This weekend has been punctuated with little vignettes like that. I think “Twitter plays” is a good way to describe them.

As much as I love to be space-ified, I was feeling a little lonelier than usual this weekend. Fortunately, my mouse came to the rescue. The GG wasn’t around to drag out of bed for a Saturday 0-skunk-30 urban hike down to the farmer’s market but I figured Mouse would probably be heading down there, just not until a bit later in the morning. So I hiked down there to meet her. I bought more stuff than I wanted to schlep home, so I hitched a ride back up to the Landfill via Daisy. We weren’t done with grokkeries yet. We walked to the Plum Market and then went our separate ways for the afternoon, reconnecting for a walk downtown and dinner on the roof at the Jolly Pumpkin. She had some laundry to dry (I love when my kids bring laundry home), so we had a wee nightcap while it tumbled, then she trundled on home via the Plum Market (for an avocado, of course) and I traded some photooos with my long-lost-lately-reunited friend.

I do not know how anyone can keep up with a Mouse kind of life-style. She sews / knits a lot of her own clothing, gardens, bakes her own bread and bagels, makes her own yogurt and god only knows what else but too many things to enumerate. On top of holding down a full-time job. Channeling The Commander in part but Grandma Sally and other ancestors too — an interesting mix of Deoxyribonucleic acid (let’s say that in unison please) resulted in my Mouse-that-roars.

Today was a bit slodgy in that I couldn’t get into a good flinging groove, except for yet another garbage bag full of clothing (my own) for the Easter Seals pickup next Friday. Seashells anyone? The Commander left a small collection, picked up on many a Florida beach (Long Boat Key, maybe?) back in the day. When I evaluated them up in the moomincabin garage, I thought they were mostly faded and broken. I get occasionally overwhelmed by even the relatively small amount of stuff The Comm left behind and my first thought was either to throw them out or take them to the Scrap Box. Today I looked at them again and they didn’t look all that shabby after all. I’m thinking particularly of one gorgeously intact sand dollar (sand dollars were one of her faves) but there were others. So they are here for now and any family member is welcome to some or all. Grandchildren get to pick first of course.

The GG is on the southbound I75 SUV Speedway, somewhere south of Zilwaukee, where he was caught up in a big jaffic tram, which is normal for the Zilwaukee area because they are [yet again] doing major construction on the ill-designed Zilwaukee bridge. He’s out of the jam and will get here eventually and what the heck did we ever do without smart phones because if we didn’t have them, I would have no idea where the heck he was. That said, he is the *king* of cryptic text messages so sometimes even when he *does* text me to let me know what’s going on, I can’t decipher his message.

That’s enough for now. I am outta blather. You are happy about that!

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  1. jane Says:

    on the topic of avacados — if you need a ripe avacado on short notice, I have discovered that the grocery half of Taco King almost always has many that are ripe. 😉

  2. jcburns Says: