And the caissons go rolling along…

sunflowerseedsI wish I could keep yesterday’s photooo up forever. I think it’s really cool even though it’s just an accidental iPhone photo. The light at Lake Erie Metropark just after sunrise is to die for. It’s almost hard to take a bad photo but I certainly have plenty of them. That one? Not so much.

Today, you get this half-assed sunflower photo. I wish I could say that these big sunflowers came from Landfill gardening efforts but alas, they did not. They were at the farmer’s market last weekend. The GG planted some sunflower seeds last spring. Henry ate two of them right off the bat and I don’t remember when the other two disappeared but they didn’t make any kind of progress at all. We tried. I watered them. I didn’t step on them. I dunno.

When I was a beach urchin, Doc Read had a big garden with sunflowers at the back of it. We would walk up the cabin road to Doc’s house and down the little road to the outbuildings in his back 40 and right before that little road hung a left, there was his garden on the right. I don’t remember what else was in the garden but I remember the sunflowers. Doc Read is long dead and so is his son Lewie, one of the original Veteran Greenhorns, aka friends of my dad. That garden is [sadly [or maybe not]] long neglected. If the iPhone had been around back when I was three or five or seven or whatever, maybe I could find a photo to post. On the other hand, who knows what kind of photos my childhood self may have taken. Probably not photos of some old coot’s garden. More likely something like The Purple Eye.

2 Responses to “And the caissons go rolling along…”

  1. jane Says:

    if you want some sunflowers I have several in my front garden. one is at least 7 feet tall! the birds have taken the seeds from several, but you’re welcome to anything that remains. I’ll be gone this weekend (ArtPrize in Grand Rapids!) but feel free to stop by and cut whatever you want!!

  2. Margaret Says:

    I need an iPhone!!