We are so excited…

And I am sooooo taaarrred… Friday afternoons at my work are often a slodge but somehow today, what was a thousand scattered bits and pieces at the beginning of the week came together into a beeyootifful diagram at the end of the afternoon. I couldn’t quite believe it was as cool as it was, so I called Cube Nayber over to look and she oohed and aahed too. I am a humble soul though and I said something like, “Probably when I come in on Monday morning, I will take one look at this thing and wonder what the heck I was thinking.” Anyway, I left on a high note today and whether or not my diagram is perfect, I think it is a good start.

Got home to find our old crib out on the curb with a “FREE” sign on it. You cannot donate a baby crib anywhere these days. I understand that up to a point. But we bought our crib in 1984 and even then there were standards and there is NO WAY that a baby could get caught with their head between the slats on this crib. I am sure there is probably something else dangerous about it that I can’t even fathom.

We didn’t even really use the damn crib all that much. Before I had Lizard Breath I had absolutely no idea how to be a parent. I told everyone I was going to breastfeed only because if you were an Ann Arbor type mom back in those days, that’s what you were “supposed to do”. Or something. Really, I had no idea. Guess what? I turned out to be a natural at Attachment Parenting. Breastfeeding, sleeping with baby, wearing her, the whole nine yards. (She is embarrassed right now.) I don’t even think there was a name for Attachment Parenting then. Oh yeah, I also worked an intense part-time job and shared work hours with the GG. Anyway, we mostly used the crib when the kids were toddlers. And when it was time for them to graduate into a regular bed, they were just fine. For the most part. Except for all of those marathon reading sessions we used to do in their beds before they went to sleep. Chronicles of Narnia anyone? Map of Narnia, map of Narnia… Say it in a nice sing-song voice.

We’ll see if anyone picks up the crib or not. When I got down to the Oscar Tango tonight, we were Porterized and the GG told all of us that “we” were excited about tomorrow. What? What are “we” excited about, I asked. “We’re going to the dump!”, was the answer. I don’t think that the whole table exactly clapped but it was something like that. “We wanna go to the dump too”, etc., etc., etc. Everybody loves to go to the dump. Do you? I do. Even when we miss the turn and end up on the Spectacle Lake Overlook [wink].


P.S. Wish I was going to Indian River with the CFam tomorrow. They’re going to take the pontoon boat on the inland waterway. That would be even more fun than the dump.

One Response to “We are so excited…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I need to go to the dump, but don’t like it much. (even though it has a gorgeous view of Mount Rainier on a clear day) Both my girls slept in my old crib from 1956 and they’re still alive.