Injun River

trainThe CFam took the pontoon boat up to Indian River today and launched an expotition on the Inland Waterway. I would have *loved* to be on that boat on a beeyootyful day like today. Jimmy C posted some photoooos on facebook and I saw people with beers and beautiful blue skies and I dunno if there are any tiki bars on the Inland Waterway but I wished I was there. On the other hand, if we had scrambled a trip to the Group Home this weekend, we wouldn’t have walked down to the farmer’s market this morning and if we hadn’t walked down to the farmer’s market this morning, we wouldn’t have reached the Drop Acid Not Bombz railroad bridge just as the big old morning freight train was about to cross it and I wouldn’t have gotten this loverly photoooo… If I had a bucket list, I could now cross one thing off of it.

Aaaaannnnddd… We wouldn’t’ve gone to the dump to the dump to the dump dump dump. Nobody took the baby crib off the curb overnight so we loaded that up on top of the old pieces of concrete and railroad ties that have been hanging around in the back yard for umpteen gazillion years. So, we only got rid of one thing out of the Landfill’s interior but progress is progress. Actually, I lie — I think the GG took some re-usable stuff to Habitat yesterday. And good for him because lately I have been struggling to get back my mojo for getting rid of cosmic debris. I’m not sad about having to throw out the crib. If I could do it all over again knowing what I do now, I might not have bought a damn crib. Or most of the crappy plastic toys I bought. Just let them play with stuff in the sink, etc…

Another bonus for staying here on the damn Planet this weekend emerged when I received a text message from my Sam (archaeologist, not dog) this afternoon. Dinner on The Planet tomorrow night? Well, YES! I mean, we could easily have driven down from the Group Home in time for dinner tomorrow but it will be really nice to be home tomorrow to futz around in the chitchen. Oh, just a bit. I am not a fancy cook by any stretch of the imagination!

It was a gorgeous day here on The Planet Ann Arbor. Will it be the last? I don’t know. The GG took a good kayak trip down on the Huron River. I did not go with him. I dunno why. I prefer early morning trips on the Huron, when there are very few people out there. Except when my work organizes an outing. I love love love love love those…

I hope your day was good too. Love y’all,

2 Responses to “Injun River

  1. Sam Says:

    Love ya back! Thanks for accommodating our last-moment schedule so gracefully! See ya on the morrow!

  2. Margaret Says:

    Glad you had a gorgeous and productive day! We are having monsoons here but I did manage to get some needed errands done. Habitat is a great organization; they have come to get lots of Patt’s stuff and given me tax receipts to equal $1000.