Plum tomatoes from the Grape Market

argopondLong largely unproductive day, at least if you count housekeeping and deacquisitioning activities. A day of anticipation and waiting for various things to happen.

I took the photoooo early this morning as we walked along the Huron River over to the Northside Grille for breakfast. I can’t always figure out even for myself what gauge I use for weekend progress. I did a fair amount of food shopping and preparation this weekend. I set Rooooomba off a few times. Did various loads of laundry. Changed the sheets. Paper sorting. I dunno what else. I did a lot of stuff but somehow it didn’t feel like I accomplished anything much.

I was in a waiting mode of sorts. Waiting for what? Well, for today, for my Sam to arrive. And she did and we figured out that hadn’t seen each other since B.G. That’s Before Gertrude, my loverly new stove. The new stove that is now old enough that I need to figure out how to use the self-clean oven function. For the top oven at least, the bottom oven hasn’t been used all that many times. Although the GG did use it last night to make an apple “cake” or “crisp” or “crumble” or whatever out of some of the billion gazillion apples that are raining out of our apple tree this year but that’d be a whole ‘nother post…

Anyway… Sam and jcb did arrive and we had fancy whine that Sam brought and a dinner that I cobbled together and a bonus here is that jcb is my “web guy” and not only did he migrate my website (and those of his other bunch of ragtag renegades or whatever we are) over to a new server, he sat right here in person and migrated things like the Houghton Lake Group Home webcam over there too. So it seems that ababsurdo’s “persistent coughing fit” is finally over. Hey, I never even had to *call* my “web guy”. I always knew he was on it. I need to make it clear that jcb’s function as my “web guy” is about one billionth of the good things he does for the folks in his life. I am fortunate that my bestest friend is married to him, plus he is FUN! But I am embarrassing him [grin].

Our friends went on up the road tonight. Their eventual destination is in the yooperland, where they will close their cabin for the season. I sent my Sam off with one of my bazillion pairs of Smartwool socks and then Bolette and I scrambled to wash the dishes.

Good night,

4 Responses to “Plum tomatoes from the Grape Market”

  1. Sam Says:

    My toes are warmest. My heart is warmer yet. Thanks, my KW. You polish/crown/?? my world.

  2. isa Says:

    Suzy Homemaker forayed into baking?!

  3. Margaret Says:

    What a gorgeous photo! I love apple crisp or crumble–as you can imagine, I’ve had LOTS of apple desserts in my lifetime as a Washingtonian. 😉

  4. OOTF Says:

    Hello KW,
    I am jealous. You got quality time with CAS and JCB and I didn’t. BTW, JCB is my web guy too, so I guess we have to share him. I’m glad you took care of my (our) friends while they are up in Yankee land. Hope we meet some day.
    Yours truly,
    aka, Out of Town Friend