I had a really cool title for about five seconds when we were at the Grizzly a few hours ago.

laceleavesI got home this afternoon to find all kinds of frantic ACK/NAK texts from the GG. He was gallivanting around in campus town somewhere and wanted me to walk downtown to meet for dinner. Well. 1: I was driving home from work when he was texting me and my phone ringer was off (and he knows about what time I drive home from work). 2: I cannot text and drive stick at the same time. 3: Not to mention that it’s illegal to text and drive in the god-forsaken Great Lake State.

But it was a beautiful afternoon and I didn’t have enough leftovers to cobble together into a reasonable meal so I thought what the heck? What about the Grizzly? And so that’s where we met. I love the Grizzly but tonight it just seemed a bit off. Our waiter was uber-attentive at first when we wanted to just chill and sip our ‘hattans and then when we were ready to get going, he was nowhere to be seen. I can’t complain too much though because I can’t even imagine what it takes to be a waiter. I’ve done plenty of customer service in my time but I think food service has to be harder than running a cash register or working behind an operations window at the EPA handing out printouts and sorting out all of the esoteric, tangled errors people created by filling out data sheets inaccurately or illegibly. ERROR! ERROR! ERROR! FORTRAN BOMB! ERROR! IT DOES NOT COMPUTE! Anyway, there were various text messages going back and forth between various members of the Fin Fam and then Mouse texted that she would be coming “over”. Well, that’s fine but we are at the Grizzly. Next thing we knew, *she* was at the Grizzly with us (which probably confused our poor waiter even more). And now we are all here at the Landfill and Mouse is washing aprons. But not folding them. Oh, no. She does not get paid to fold aprons (and neither do I [wink])…

This is day two of you know what. But I don’t think I will enumerate days because I am afraid we are in this government shutdown mess for the long haul. It’s still kind of fun for the GG but he’ll get bored with it soon enough. If you care about honest working people who just happen to work for the government (many of whom are living paycheck to paycheck) not to mention all of the contractors and other businesses who depend on government business, you will contact your elected representatives and tell them to end the madness. And no, all of these furloughed folks cannot just go and start collecting “unemployment”. Not only are there rules surrounding that, most of them do not WANT to sit around collecting unemployment benefits. They want their JOBS back.

Okay, KW, get down off the ledge. People do not want to read your wild rantings and ravings. Good night.

Oh, and listening to Tuff Signals.

3 Responses to “I had a really cool title for about five seconds when we were at the Grizzly a few hours ago.”

  1. l4827 Says:

    GG is the gallivanting guy. Good-gosh, government gone gaga.

    What? Again? déjà vu. We remember the feeling.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Hope that something forces this madness to end, but I’m feeling pessimistic. From what my former waitress daughter used to tell me, it’s a complicated situation related to if the hostess sits too many in your section, if the kitchen is slow, if you’re expected to do other things too like bussing or hostessing, etc. OR you could have just had a lazy server!!

  3. jane Says:

    The GG is still welcome to stop by my condo and get sunflowers. I’ll be cutting them back on Saturday probably.