Eating snozzcumbers with the BFG

rosesOf course, that’s mostly because I don’t have all that much to say. Although I have a lot on my plate at work right now, I didn’t expect to be in the Hot Seat an hour after I got there this morning. In fact, MMCB and I were engrossed in animated conversation over at Barry Bagels this morning when she looked at the time and exclaimed, “You need to get to work!” (Yes, my own personal Jewish mother [grin].) Although we did break off our coffee date then, I kind of pooh-poohed the idea. Naw, I don’t have any reason to go hucklety-buck to get to work. But then… When I got there, The Queen Bee made a surprise move to usurp the LSCHP’s meeting (one that I am not regularly invited to) so we could discuss one of my specs. One that I haven’t looked at in about three weeks. Oh dear… It was okay. We got a lot done and my little area of Cube Land was buzzing around the whole rest of the day about SWIFT files. You do not want to know.

Day Three: Terrorism? Naw. (Of course, I’m referring to the bizarre incident on the mall [yes that mall, not Briarwood] this afternoon.) Random person not taking her happy pills? More likely. Or was it some furloughed mom wondering how the heck she was going to pay the mortgage, car payment, utilities, buy food for her child, whatever (and not taking her happy pills). I am purely speculating here. There are plenty of furloughed folks who are not storming DC and crashing barricades with weapons drawn. Most of us who are directly affected by this if not personally furloughed are annoyed and angry though. Would that some of these “representatives” walk a mile in the shoes of a woman who cannot go to her low-paying job because she can’t take her child to Head Start and doesn’t have another safe place to leave her child. Just for example. Or as the GG says in the comments, is it just that someone got confused and parked in the wrong place and the poleeese went nuts and shot an innocent mom for bad parking? eeeee… eeeee… What have we come to in this country?

It sounds my speculations were indeed wrong about the mall incident today but I can understand the anger that many people feel about being thrown out of their jobs because a small faction of folks will not agree to fund the government while ironing out the details about Obamacare. I think furloughed folks ought to protest everywhere they can. I am a coward, I guess. I have a job. My response to this crap is to 1) throw a few 4-letter words around The Landfill Chitchen (which only makes the people I live with unhappy) or 2) fantasize about the BFG materializing to pick up some of these “representatives” and shake them. Note that, unlike other giants, the BFG does not eat PEOPLE, he is a vegetarian who eats SNOZZCUMBERS. He is a Good Guy but he doesn’t put up with any BS, at least that’s how I remember the story. We need the BFG in D.C.

Boy oh boy, does the BFG ever bring back memories. Like when Grandroobly read the book (as an older adult) and gnoffed and gnoffed all the way through it. Right out loud in front of his grandchildren. And then there was the time Pengo rather belligerently told The Engineer he was the Big Ugly Giant. She was about five and he was giving her crap, albeit good-natured dad-type crap. Maybe he was calling her “Foghorn” or something. Actually my brother was anything bug but ugly [grin]. Nevertheless I thought something like, “You go, girl!”

2 Responses to “Eating snozzcumbers with the BFG”

  1. TMOTU Says:

    Re: bizarre incident on the mall

    Sad. Very Sad.

    Shoot first. Ask questions later.

  2. l4827 Says:

    Agree with TMTU.

    Tired of Senators. Tired of congressman. Where else can you not do your job and still have your job?


    So sad what happened, what is happening at the mall.