In which KW needs to de-brief herself a bit

fallfoliageI was soooo cranky at the end of today. I walked downtown as usual but the destination got switched more or less without my permission or maybe blessing would be a better word. It was switched to a restaurant that I really like but the service is a bit slooooowwww for me sometimes. And tonight it was HOT in there and so between that and the fact that it took something like 15 minutes for my first glass of whine to arrive and then it was about 1/3 full (c’mon people), I was not a happy camper.

But how can I complain. We were with the Uncly Uncle and The Beautiful Gay and we were having a wonderful time toasting the government (I know, you had to be there) and The Commander’s house and whatever. And then, Lizard Breath and Mouse and the newest Cfam newlyweds arrived (the last from a trip to Ikea, of course). And eventually I got them to actually give me more like a HALF glass of whine and I got a bit more mellowed out. Thank you god. For reasons I can’t even begin to fathom, the government shutdown seems to be harder on MEEEEE than it is on the GG, even though I am happily and gainfully employed waaaayyy over there in the online banking industry, an industry currently untouched by massive furloughs. Oh, maybe that’s it? That I am envious of the time off?

Anyway, our restaurant fed the gluten-free member of our party well and in a friendly manner. Got to love it when the waitress conspires with a customer, “We have gluten-free bread and I understand because I’m vegan”. This *is* the Planet Ann Arbor and plenty (but not all) of the restaurants have decent options for those who follow particular diets. And that got me over my crankiness even more than the whine.

In the end, family is the most important thing in life and we spent a wonderful couple of hours with some close (and fun) members of our family. And now Lizard Breath is spending the night here at the Landfill doing laundry. She gave us a ride home in Ruby. I was hoping that her new and cute little Civic 5-speed would acquire a name and so she has [happy face here]. I guess Liz was envious enough of Mouse doing laundry here a few nights ago to want to do her own here. I’m kidding of course but I don’t care. I love operating a laundromat and my washer and dryer don’t even have a slot for quarters.

One Response to “In which KW needs to de-brief herself a bit”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I love when my girls do laundry at my house too or need me for stuff!! It sounds like you had a lovely evening in general once the crankiness wore off 😉 I have a cold which makes me pretty generally pissed off at the world.