Start talking about explosives and the next thing you know all the boys’ll be hanging’ out in your cube.

Too bad I didn’t have that figgered out in junior high ’cause these guys are all old and married just like me but that’s not what this entry is about anyway.

I will probably be persona non grata with this entry. No, I am not gonna try to blahg about politics today. I’ll spare you. And I am not gonna post another one of, ahem, *those* slide shows. You know the one. What I am gonna blahg about is weather! Specifically, November-type weather and the time switch that goes along with it. Because? I *love* November weather! I love the switch back to Eastern Standard time. I love when it gets dark early. I love when it rains cats and dogs and my umbrella is flapping around in the wind. I love when I have to slodge around through the mud in my Chacos and polartech socks. And my ancient Columbia ski jacket with all the broken zippers. Yes, Mrs. Commander and Mouse, I *could* fix them but life is too short and I think I’ll just buy a new one. Note to self: REI this weekend?

I love the other end of this whole weather/time change spectrum too. I love when it starts getting light again in the morning when I’m taking my walk and I can get photos of all the budding plants. I love when I am standing on Fin Family Moominbeach in June at 11 PM and I can still see the sunset.

I love change. I love the change of seasons. We sure get that here in the Great Lake State. I love watching the sun move up and down the sky with the seasons. And watching things grow and die again. I get bored when things don’t change. November is November. We are at the western end of the Eastern time zone here. Some of the western Yooper counties are even on Central time, I think. I love the extreme swings of sunrise/sunset that we get here. Right now, I can see the stars when I start my morning walk. When it isn’t pouring rain and my umbrella isn’t flapping around in the wind, that is.

I like to deal with bad weather by facing it front on. Cold and dark energize me. When I am walking alone in the dark, I am almost invisible and I can think clearly about things.

I have lost my blahgging steam. G’night and, if y’all can, try to embrace the changing seasons.

Kayak Woman

5 Responses to “Start talking about explosives and the next thing you know all the boys’ll be hanging’ out in your cube.”

  1. Dog Mom Says:

    I just want to have plenty of snow for XC skiing this winter (for my first time *back* out in – how many years?) but not TOO much that I can’t get to the trails!!!!

  2. GG Says:

    Dog Mom should be prepared to join us at Houghton Lake – Bring the beasts!

  3. grandmothertrucker Says:

    I enjoy watching the seasons change all over the US. It’s peak color time south of Chicago. Tennessee was very colorful 2 days ago. The view of all the hills is just gorgeous.

    Currently I am in Arkansas. The colors here are just starting to change. I will get a good look at it tomorrow when the sun comes up, because my truck just broke down, and I may be here awhile. All the fan blades broke off just west of West Memphis. I am stuck at a little place called Carslile. GG would love to see it, alllll the blades broke off like sharp teeth, and made the most interesting sounds while driving. I got scared when I could smell melting rubber or plastic., along with the noise. I guess a bearing went bad, and the whole thing went kaploooey.

    Good thing this tiny truck stop is here. We’ll get it fixed, and go to Laredo for Monday delivery ( Delphi going to Mexico stuff, machines of some sort, lotsa wires behind glass doors…? ) I guess this means I won’t get rid of my load tomorrow night there. I was hoping to go to the Garden Inn for Saturday night in Laredo, and I might still. They have a beautiful tropical garden waterfall area with hot tubs and tropical flowers. Over by the pool, they have a Cabana, and FREE BEER from 6 to 8 pm. ; ) Along with free hot dogs, popcorn, nachos, and a great grill with fajitas for sale. The cooks do not speak English.

    Anyway, there are still flowers all over there, and it’s butterfly season and the truck will get covered all over the windows and the grill. mmmm birdie lunch… “grilled” butterflies.

  4. Dog Mom Says:

    Grandmothertrucker: *groan* “grilled butterflies”!!! Never been to Delphi-Laredo – been to their El Paso cross-dock (years ago, another lifetime, when I was in Delphi E&C’s Divisional Logistics group) and enjoyed the restaurants there! And I think that was in February, so the contrast between MI winter and “Border Winter” was very evident. I flew in and was fascinated during the approach to the landing by seeing the difference in the landscape: desert vegetation & *tans* vs. our very green-and-treed areas. Happy Trails and be safe!! 🙂

  5. Sam Says:

    KW: the changing seasons are the best. The leaves are changing here in ATL, and we enjoyed gorgeous views in Thursday’s meander….

    Grandmothertrucker: I think we stayed at that place in Laredo years and years ago. I loved the lush, tropical garden, which is in the style of hotels in southern Mexico and points farther south, too. I remember the free happy hour (haha). Luck with the repairs….