Deja vu

I think this has been the longest week in history. Everybody I work with seems to feel the same way. Let’s just get it over with already. I was a day ahead all week. I was really ticked off when I woke up this morning and had to make myself realize that it was Friday! It’s Friday? Friday? Not Saturday? I haven’t worked a whole week yet? Of course I had to go to work. I dunno. Is this because of the switch to Standard time (Eastern here in the Great Lake State)? Or is it an election hangover symptom? Having slodged through this horribly long campaign and having it be over? Er, not that I had a whole lot of slodging to do personally. At least not about the election. I did do a lot of slodging this week through some horrendously nit-picky wordsmithing but that’s one of the things that us analyst-type folk do. For me, it was not particularly tedious. And I actually get paid pretty well to do it. Sorry, *still* pinching myself after all those fun vagabond years of volunteer and non-profit work. They were fun, do not get me wrong. But…

So, I took the freeway home, like I usually do unless it is snowing cats and dogs or there is an ice storm. And there isn’t, at least not yet. The roads were dry and planes were landing and taking off left and right at the Planet A2 airport and the sunset was gorgeous and so were the clouds it lit up. I stopped off at Staples in Westgate for a new and bigger (8G) memory card for a little prodject I am embarking on. I can afford it (the memory card) so shaddup. You know who you are. l won’t even try to describe the traffic patterns surrounding the Westgate Kroger shopping center. You do not wanna know. After Staples, I actually snaked around *through* the parking lot and out a route that I would never consider taking from Staples if it weren’t the Friday afternoon rush hour. As I was pulling up northbound to the mega-light at Jackson/N. Maple, I had this moment of deja vu about being at that exact place at that intersection in my old blue POC with various middle-school children with me in that crappy yet wonderful old vee-hickle. On a Friday afternoon in November no less. We were heading back to the Landfill for a sleepover or whatever and boy do I miss those days sometimes.

Goodnight and love y’all,
Kayak Woman

One Response to “Deja vu”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I try to avoid going anywhere in rush hour traffic; it’s horrendous here in Western WA. I have those flashback moments too: driving the girls to ballet, or gymnastics, or sleepovers or Girl Scouts. Sigh.