Dum de dum de dum de dum. grok grok. dum de dum de dum.

Grok grok. Ol’ Baggy seems t’ hav g’radge band all lock’d up er sumth’n. grok grok. So I can’t talk t’ ya. grok grok. But while she wuz blatherin’ on th’ tellyfone with th’ ol’ commander, I grab’d ‘er ol’ iPhone. ‘n’ look at th’ perty pitcher I drawed on it. grok grok. thar’s me ‘n’ th’ li’l squeek mousey ‘n’ ol’ Mr. Gold’n Sun ‘n’ a nice tree. grok grok. ‘n’ then I got inta Ol’ Baggy’s ol’ blahg ‘er whatev’r this ol’ bunch o’ blather is ‘n’ post’d it. Grok grok gork frgok!

This is Kayak Woman here: Er Froog, I’ll let you slide this time but at least give credit to the developer of the iPhone Sketches application. And grok grok to you too! I saw you sucking down that Maker’s Mark last night.

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