Sandals in the snow

Do you guys think I have raked enough leaves? Hmmm? I raked the whole blasted yard yesterday. Most of the leaves are actually down now. Our second leaf pickup is this coming Thursday. This time, we will actually have some leaves out in the street to be picked up. As you can see.

It actually only took me a couple of hours to rake all those leaves. I am a vigorous raker. I thought I would finish it off today. Do a little more raking and then get the leaf blower and its monstrously long lucky-shuckial cord out and blow out the corners and all the other little nitty-gritty stuff. I did do a bit more raking today but. Hello. Rain, sleet, and snow set in. Not to mention laziness. My excuse was that I did not want to be blowing leaves with a lucky-shuckially powered leaf-blower. What if I got electrocuted? As the GG reminded me, we have grounded plugs and I guess I’d’ve been okay. But, ya know what? I don’t care any more. The bulk of our leaves are in the street. It’s actually illegal to put ’em out there like I did but if anybody challenges me on that, they are gonna get a big, ugly piece of my mind. YOU BUY A HOUSE NEXT TO A WOODS, Mr. Mayor or City Council member. I know I’m in the wrong but I will bet they won’t bother me about it.

Okay. Any leaves that are left we can rake (or not) at our leisure and compost in our back yard. Or put them in the handy-dandy Planet Ann Arbor compost pick-up bin that I have not even used yet. Our choice.

But I’m done for the Thursday pickup. If the GG wants to do more, he can knock himself out.

Click here or on the pic for evidence of my effort plus proof that life is still beautiful when the gales of November come early.

6 Responses to “Sandals in the snow”

  1. Marquis Says:

    Most of the leaves are still in the trees around here. The wind was up all weekend, so poor raking weather anyway. Now about illegally raking leaves into the street. Us cyclists do not approve. Leaves in the street push us into the center of the road. This leads to unpleasantness with cars.

  2. Jay Says:

    Well Carl did do a fair amount of raking and filled up several cans. But the biggest thing we did was to get rid of two of the three deciduous trees in the backyard. – And the tree guys cleaned up the leaves that came down with the trees.

  3. jane Says:

    speaking of the gales of November…. I think I heard on the radio this morning that today is the anniversary of that big storm and the Edmund Fitzgerald going down.

  4. jane Says:

    and a quick bike lane/A2 rule for leaves in the street —

    “To protect stormwater quality, rake leaves into the street no earlier than the weekend before the scheduled pickup day, unless your property is on a marked bike lane. For bike commuting safety, properties facing marked bike lanes on the street may only put leaves in the street 24 hours before the scheduled pickup day.”

    so Banana isn’t quite the scofflaw she thinks she is….

  5. kayak woman Says:

    Fortunately, my street is a backwater. There are three outlets but they are all onto the same thoroughfare. So not a lot of traffic. Actually, it is so quiet that people sometimes forget to stop at the few stop signs we have.I tend to stop whether I have a stop or not. Other than that, it’s pretty safe biking terrain, even with leaves taking up half the street.

    I am, of course, concerned about water quality but I truly have a *lot* of leaves, more than most people, and there’s really not anywhere else to put them. And they’ll only be out there for about five days.

  6. Dog Mom Says:

    yeah, I have issues with raking leaves into the street here in GB-ville. Most of it has to do with the dang leaves plugging the storm drains on the street! B’leeve me, it’s no fun to wade out to where ya *think* the storm drain is supposed to be through about 6 inches of water (COLD!) to try to unplug it of the collected leaves…

    …and with GB being designated a “Tree City USA), there are a LOT of deciduous trees in my sub… and I currently have 2 established trees in my yard and two brand-new ones, so this year meant not a *huge* amount of leaves. But it HAS meant a LOT of leaves heading toward the centerlines (if they were painted) of the sub’s streets….

    Um, when they say “rake to the curb” (City of GB’s language) does that translate to “into the street”??