Thug Boss

rivermouthtreeDay what? I can’t remember. 16, I guess. This particular morning, I checked to make sure the GG was breathing before I left for the salt mines. That’s not my usual habit but it was 8:00 AM and he was sleeping the sleep of the dead and that was unusual for him. Oh, sometimes on the weekend if I don’t drag him out of whatever sleep cycle he happens to be in for some kind of death march or whatever.

I’ve been far from freaked out about the current government shutdown but my nerves have been a bit frayed, not to mention that they were already frayed via some other weird albeit not deadly things that have been going on in my life. I could go on and on about how annoyed I am at the teabaggers (we have a different name for them here at The Landfill but it’s not blahg-able and no, it isn’t a four-letter word) but I won’t. Suffice it to say that I SWORE OFF polly-tickal news today. I did peek once in a while…

Fortunately I work with a bunch of folks who do *not* talk polly-ticks on a regular basis. I think it was several days into the shutdown before anyone even realized that my husband was furloughed. That was a good thing. We don’t need help or sympathy. I am there to do my job and the shutdown hasn’t affected my family in a dramatic way. It has surely devastated families with fewer financial resources than we have and I am highly annoyed by the cavalier way that the teabaggers have played around with those people’s livelihoods…

I got to work today and the LSCHP kind of straggled in booming about, well I wasn’t sure but it most certainly wasn’t the government shutdown or the debt default. I heard words like Smaug and Bilbo and Gandalf and I realized he was talking about The Hobbit and then he introduced me and Cube Nayber to Thug Notes (beware, it auto-starts a video with sound). It was Boss’s Day today. Boss’s Day isn’t something that’s on my radar screen and I don’t think the LSCHP was aware of it either. Somebody sent a card around and I said what I honestly feel about the LSCHP, something like “I’m so glad I work for you.” And I am. He eventually replied to us that he wasn’t really the boss, he just helps us do our jobs. And that’s the truth. The best kind of boss, don’tcha think?

May the votes go as predicted tonight and end the chaos that the teabaggers have introduced into our government and potentially our economy.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    He does sound like a great boss to work for because he sees his role as helpful and not adversarial. I’ve had both kinds of administrators, but when I have the evil kind, I can hide out in my room most of the time. You wouldn’t have that option.Glad that the vote went OK–but when do we face the next insanity perpetrated by these radicals? Ugh.